DIY Wooden Reindeer

This adorable DIY Wooden  Reindeer is the perfect outdoor decor for the holiday season!

You guys all know I’m a sucker for outdoor decor. But since we are in the process of moving 1,000 miles away, my Christmas porch decor and wooden signs and 28 tupperware bins worth of Christmas decor will most likely stay packed this year. Wahh!! So, I’m vicariously living through my BFF Kristin and sharing all of her amazing ideas and decor! Did you catch her Winter porch from last year? Or her Fall porch from this year? They are ah-mazing!!!

Kristin’s awesome hubby made her this adorable wooden reindeer that Kristin painted and turned into one of the cutest winter decor items I’ve ever seen! I’m just so in love with this guy!

DIY Wooden Reindeer

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.

Lets break it down and make it together!

What You Need:

1 – larger, round log for the body

1 – skinny round log for neck

4 – 3/8″ wooden dowel rods, like these 

1 – empty tin can

2 – tree bark pieces cut and shaped like ears

2 – 1/2″ wooden down rods, like these

1 – pine tree sprig for tail

Brown, black, and white paint. We both love and use Dixie Belle Chalk Paint!

*if your reindeer is going to be outside exposed tot he elements, I woudl recommend glazing it with Gator Hide from Dixie Belle as it repels water.

1 – strand of white outdoor Christmas lights with green cord, like these

1 – red and red & white checkered burlap piece made into a scarf

Drill and paddle drill bit attachments in the width of your dowel rods

1 – Liquid Nails glue 

To To Assemble:

  1. Using paddle drill bit attachment, drill 4 holes for the legs
  2. Place the dowel rods in the holes
  3. Using liquid nails glue attach the neck, head and ears
  4. Paint and decorate!

DIY Wooden Reindeer

Isn’t he just adorable?!


  1. Absolutely darling! What a cute deer for Christmas decorating.
    Thanks for the tutorial and for sharing.

  2. He is so adorable!!!! Problem is my daughter would want to make all 12 reindeer! LOL!

    1. hahaha! oh my gosh! this is hilarious! I think you SHOULD indeed make all 12!!

  3. Awwww- this little guy is adorable! Thanks for the tutorial- I make have to make my own little reindeer friend. My 7 year old would DIE! She loves reindeer. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh this little guy would be perfect for my front porch… I think I would need a whole herd of them though!

  5. Oh my goodness! My husband is going to love this! Decorating the outside is his domain and I am sure he is going to want to make one of these as soon as I show him!

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