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The other day my good friend Kristin, who blogs at Swords & Stilettos texted me a picture of the wall gallery she just completed in her home. Not only did I fall in love, I was jealous because I wanted one in my home now! So…like someone with a crafting addiction would do, I ran out to the thrift shops and nabbed all my materials for $8! Yep! You read that right!! (minus the wooden letters).


I’m here today to show you how I did it so you can create one too!


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I scored my wooden kitchen cabinet door at Habitat Restore for $1!!! I took off the hinges, filled the door knob hole with wood filler and then painted her up with paint I already had.



Next I attached these wide ring hanger hooks to the back (again which I already had in the garage). The letters and & I bought at Michaels for less than $10 total. I did slightly paint the letters and & with a very poorly mixed cream colored paint…I didn’t want to totally cover up the wooden burn markings that it had. I then tested everything out to see where I wanted it and then glued the wooden letters to the door with wood glue. I filled my frames with pictures I love and wa-la!! Done!! Super easy!



I may come back and paint some of the frames later…but at the moment I am loving the mix and match of old and new. The center gold one would normally drive me nuts, but for some reason I’m totally OK with it!



Some of you may remember my wall gallery I created for my family room. If not, you can view it HERE.

family room2A



I also created sample patterns for hanging a wall gallery HERE.

wall gallery options

Have you thought about hanging a wall gallery in your home? Are you inspired now to go make one for yourself?!?!? If so, I’d love to see your pictures! Send them to me on Facebook at

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