Everything There Is To Know About Deco Mesh for Wreath Making

All of your questions about deco mesh ribbon answered! What is deco mesh, how to use deco mesh and more! A deep dive into everything there is to know about deco mesh!

I get asked a lot of questions about deco mesh, especially after I post a tutorials like How To Make A Curly Deco Mesh Wreath. In an effort to help answer all of the questions I get, I have answered everything in this post!

What is deco mesh? Everything there is to know about deco mesh and how to make a wreath | Gathered In The Kitchen

What is deco mesh?

Deco mesh is a form of craft material often used for making wreaths. Made from 100% polypropylene, it is a plastic material and has a tighter weave than that of a burlap mesh. Deco mesh is also referred to as; decorative mesh, decorative ribbon and poly mesh.

What is deco mesh used for?

Deco mesh is a crafting material often used for wreath making. Pieces are cut, rolled and tied to a wire wreath form using pipe cleaners or zip ties. For a full tutorial, reference my post for Dollar Tree Witch Hat Wreath

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Best tool for cutting deco mesh?

My favorite tool for cutting deco mesh is a hand-held rotary cutter. It has a circular blade that you roll along the top of the deco mesh strip and cut. This helps prevent the deco mesh from fraying, unlike when cut with scissors.

Is deco mesh water resistant?

Yes! Deco mesh is made up of plastic material shaped into the form of mesh, so, yes, it is water resistant.

Can deco mesh wreaths be kept outside?

Yes! Deco mesh is a fantastic material used for wreaths that can be kept outside. Not only is it durable, but it is water resistant. Because of the plastic material, it is also resistant to rain and snow! Just remember, that your fabric ribbon bows will not be water resistant.

Is deco mesh sun resistant?

No, unfortunately, if your wreath is in direct sunlight, the colors will fade over time. However, if your wreath is kept in a place that does not get a lot of sunlight, the colors should remain much longer.

How to keep deco mesh from fraying?

Deco mesh does fray when cut. You can easily prevent your deco mesh from fraying before assembling your wreath with these easy steps.

Where is the best place to buy deco mesh?

There are so many places that deco mesh can be purchased! Most big boxed craft and hobby stores, like Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry a whole array of colors. It can also be bought at Walmart, Dollar Tree and Amazon.

What colors does deco mesh come in?

Every color you can think of! Some mesh is solid color, some has gold or silver streaks to it, some are multi colored! Every color under the rainbow can be bought!

Easy shopping link: Set of rainbow colored deco mesh rolls

What thickness mesh should you use to make a wreath?

Deco mesh typically comes in 6″ wide and 10″ wide. I find that using the 6″ mesh is much easier to roll and manipulate into the shape I want rather than the 10″ wide. I feel that the 10″ mesh is a bit too long and makes my wreath look too loose.

Easy shopping links: 6″ wide deco mesh and 10″ wide deco mesh

6 and 10 Deco Mesh ribbon | Gathered In The Kitchen


  1. Ireeta Morris says:

    I’m wanting to make a large wreath for Christmas that will be mounted on the fireplace outside. Would Deco Mesh be the best mesh for that? I’m in California and we get cold but no snow and very little rain.

    1. Hi Ireeta, great question. I have used deco mesh many times for exterior wreaths and they hold up well. Some things to be cautious of: wind and sun. The wind can make the wreath fray, and the sun can fade it. Otherwise, if you add in other materials, like ribbon, etc, any rain or snow (really any moisture) may affect the ribbon. But again, I’ve made many of wreaths for my outdoors using deco mesh before and they lasted the season. Good luck!

  2. I’m wanting to make a small wreath to put in my door on a cruise but it has to be fire resistant. It is polypropylene and metallic. Is this fire retardant?
    Thank you

  3. Sharon Grays says:

    If your deco mesh wreath has been crushed, is there anyway to restore the deco mesh?

    1. The only way I’ve successfully “re-fluffed” my crushed deco mesh, is to very carefully retwist the rolls with my fingers. Go slow and be careful, otherwise you may fray the deco mesh. Good luck!

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