Gray Quatrefoil Rug

The other day I stopped by one of our local thrift stores looking for picture frames for a project I had wanted to begin. As luck would have it I found the frames I wanted AND this awesome gray quatrefoil  rug for $12!!! I was obviously so excited!



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l literally was so excited to get home and take out the carpet that we had by the door and replace it with this…something so cute!! I noticed on the bag the original sticker was still on the carpet – it’s from Garden Ridge and is $25 in case you want to go buy your own!


Don’t you just love a good find?!? I know I sure do…especially when you find something you didn’t set out for! 🙂


  1. Deborah Crocker says:

    Love the rug. I love thrift stores too

  2. Deborah Crocker says:

    Love the rug. Love thrift stores too. My favorite way to shop.

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