Bacon Egg and Potato Salad Salad

Bacon Egg and Potato Salad Salad – the best and easiest dinner for busy weeknights! It’s so tasty, no salad dressing is needed!

My favorite little café by my old house, called Savory Plum, was such a fun little gathering place. Every time I would go there, I honestly would see minimum 3 people I knew. I love small towns and communities, so I just loved it – unless I went there looking like a total bum who hadn’t showered for days…then I didn’t love seeing people I knew, lol. But in all truth, this is one of the biggest things I will miss about our town in North Carolina – a tight knit community!

One of my absolute favorite meals to get there was their Cobb Salad. It was so different! One, it had potato salad on it! Two, it came with poppy seed dressing = the most amazing liquid in a container. It wasn’t like normal poppy seed dressing that you can buy at the store, instead it was more of a sugary, oil based dressing with black poppy seeds. I swear, if I am ever able to get my hands on that recipe, I will use it for all of my future salads…and give up this one!

In all of my salad eating years, I have never once had potato salad plopped on my salad before. But let me tell you, it is amazing! Their potato salad recipe is so so so good….and I am not even a fan of potato salad. But mixed together in all of the other goodness that they pile on top of their Cobb Salad, it is the perfect addition.

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After spending the day with my BFF (a fun tea party to tell about later!) I decided that I wanted a quick and simple dinner for my family. While, they don’t all love salads, I knew that I could convince them to eat it as long as it had bacon on it! So I ran to Wal-Mart after I picked my kiddos up from school and I grabbed a deli potato salad and various types of lettuce. Savory Plum also adds turkey, but I forgot it!

I came home and quickly boiled up a few eggs and then stuck them in the refrigerator to cool. In the meantime, I cooked bacon in the microwave on my favorite bacon plate and then set it aside to cool.

Once the eggs and the bacon were cool enough to cut up, I chopped up my various lettuces and assembled our plates.

This salad was so good that it didn’t even need salad dressing! Both my hubby and I had seconds because it was that tasty!


Lettuce of your choice – I used romaine

Hard boiled eggs, sliced

Bacon, cooked to your likeness

Potato salad – I used the creamy bacon potato salad from my local Wal-Mart deli (ie: where you buy the fried chicken)

Assemble all together and enjoy!

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