Blueberry Ice Cream

After I made the Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream I decided that I should probably make a more kid friendly batch. So I decided on plain ol’ blueberry ice cream. I didn’t have a recipe so this one was basically a trial and error mix but I ended up really liking it…and so did Laughing Coyote. Little Finch claims that she only likes chocolate. Go figure!

Blueberry Ice Cream

Start out by blending 4c of blueberries (I had to do mine in two rounds because my container was not big enough)
In a medium saucepan heat blueberries, 1c sugar and 2tbs water
Cover and bring to a boil
After the mix has boiled for a few minutes get a large bowl and colander. Pour the blueberry mixture in the collander and strain out all of the seeds and shells. Use a spoon to really make sure you get all of the juice through to the bowl
There should be lots of yummy sugary juice in the bowl!
Remove the colander and blueberry remains (sorry that sounds so morbid) and add in 1c half-and-half, 2c heavy whipping cream and 1c whole milk
Pour into freezer containers. After I filled the container on the left I decided to add back in the blueberry remains to the mix. So the one on the right has all of the strained blueberry remains mixed in (make sense?)
Freeze and serve!

Enjoy! I hope you’re not getting tired of blueberry posts just yet! I have a few more goodies up my sleeve for the rest of the week…and then I promise no more blueberry recipes for a while! 😉


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-4c blueberries

-1c sugar

-2tbs water

-1c half-and-half

-2c heavy whipping cream

-1c whole milk


*Little Sparrow


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