Blue & White Christmas Tablescape Ideas

How to set up and plan a blue and white Christmas themed tablescape. 7 simple steps to perfecting the perfect tablescape.

I teamed up with a bunch of talented home bloggers to share our take on blue and white Christmas decor ideas! Any excuse to start thinking and planning for Christmas is totally good with me! …and I may have taken it a little too far! haha

Right off the bat, I knew I had to make my favorite sugar cookies with blue and white royal icing! Baking, of course is one of the first activities that comes to my mind when I think about getting ready for Christmas. After the cookie cravings wore off, my brain kept spinning and coming up with more and more blue and white Christmas ideas. As a result, I’ll be sharing several different ways to decorate your home, bake, and gift give with blue and white over the next few days! I hope you’ll come back and join me!

Blue and white Christmas decor ideas

To kick off our blue and white Christmas series, let’s start with a blue and white Christmas tablescape! Now, if you’re like me, you may be wondering what is that word I just read? “Tablescape?” haha. When I first heard this term used, I was like what the heck is that? So, let’s get the basics out of the way first!

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What Is A Tablescape?

A “tablescape” is simply a table setting. It can be simple or it can be extremely elaborate. A tablescape can have flowers, lights, ribbons, candles, plate chargers…you name it! Tablescapes are the perfect way to celebrate style, holidays, themed occasions and just every day life! Take a scroll down memory lane with me and check out the Parade of Tables I participated in some years back.

Gold chargers, white plates, blue napkins, antique flow-blue china tea cups and bowls  | Elegant ideas for setting a Christmas table with a blue and white theme

Blue and White Christmas Tablescape

Now that we’ve cleared up what a tablescape is, let’s get to the fun part…the decorating!

For my blue and white tablescape, I chose to incorporate a lot of old with new. I know that come to no surprise to my long-time readers! My local stores do not have Christmas decor out yet (not even fall stuff!)n North Carolina, Christmas started filling the shelves in July. …I think here in Wisconsin they must wait longer to preserve our spirits because our “summer/warmer months” are super short and it’s always winter here. Lol!

I gathered many items I had in various locations throughout my house and put them all together for a sweet blue and white Christmas themed table setting!

How To Set A Tablescape

1. Determine The Theme

Obviously, for my tablescape the theme was blue and white – but blue and white don’t scream Christmas colors. in an effort to make the tablescape feel cozy and warm for a lovely Christmas dinner, I added a simple swag of artificial greenery and battery operated lights. Rather than using a traditional greenery swag with pinecones, red berries and even ribbons, I chose to keep it simple. My greenery swag only had white little berries on it, so it matched perfectly!

2. A Must Have Item

Pick one item that you know you HAVE to include. For me, it was my flow-blue antique teacups. I love these 1800’s cups with all of my soul. I am constantly on the lookout for more, but they are pretty hard to find! As soon as I thought about decorating with blue and white, these teacups were the very first thing I knew I had to incorporate somehow.

flow blue teacup and saucer on Christmas themed table |  Elegant ideas for setting a Christmas table with a blue and white theme

3. Layer

Stacking dishes amps up your tablescape game. Placing a large charger underneath the dinner plate adds color, dimension and fills the void of empty space around the table.

Of course all of this is layered on top of a table runner, rather than a full tablecloth. I love the look of the wood grain peeking through on the sides of the burlap table runner.

Blue and white place settings for Christmas |  Elegant ideas for setting a Christmas table with a blue and white theme

4. Accessorize

Adding napkins rolled nicely inside of a napkin ring adds texture and function! I wrapped blue and white dish rags (they were the perfect size and color!) with napkin rings that my grandma had made many many years ago (back in the days of ceramic crafters!) I love that I can honor her in my table setting!

Fill in any odd spaces on the table with other color coordinating dishes or decor items.

Blue and white Christmas tablescape ideas |  Elegant ideas for setting a Christmas table with a blue and white theme

5. Lights and Candles

There’s nothing more hygge than adding warm ambience to a room. The simple act of lighting candles and enjoying their flickering glow is nothing short of warm and inviting! Play it safe and use battery operated flickering candles!

Elegant ideas for setting a Christmas table with a blue and white theme

6. Mix and Match Dishware & Stemware

I know that this will make some people cringe. Mismatched dishes and stemware? Try to fight the urge of conforming and have fun with your dishes and glasses.

I personally love the look of a table setting that has lots of different heights incorporated to it. For my table, I chose to use tall stemware glasses that we received as a bridal shower present many years go. The glass has a unique crackled pattern and a slanted edge around the rim. It’s very visually interesting!

For my bowls, I used items I had purchased at IKEA of all places! I love that the outside of the bowl is simple, but the inside is full of beautiful detail. Kind of like a fun surprise!

Blue and White Tablescape Ideas for Christmas Dinner

7. Enjoy with Great Company

After putting all that hard work into making such a beautiful table setting, it’s time to enjoy it with those you love most or enjoy spending time with! Host a dinner party for coworkers or neighbors, host a family gathering, celebrate for any silly occasion…just have fun and enjoy spending your time with great company!

blue and white tablescape
Blue and white pitcher

More Ways To Decorate with Blue and White for Christmas

Be sure to check out the posts from my Blue & White Christmas friends. We have a bit of something for everyone!

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  1. This table is so perfect! I love all the layers and that is feels special but not too precious for it to be approachable and welcoming.

  2. Your tablescape is so charming. I also love that teacup with all my soul 😉 lol And your grandmother made the napkin rings??? Thanks for all of the inspiration. Happy to hop with you!

  3. This is all so pretty, Stephanie! I love the colors, textures, and the soft glow of the lighting.
    You’ve created such a cozy, welcoming table. Pinned!

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