17 Easy To Make Christmas Decor Projects

I get asked all of the time, “How can I decorate for Christmas cheaply?”, “What is the easiest way to decorate for Christmas?” and “How do you make homemade Christmas decorations?”. The answer is simple – take items you have laying around your home and turn them into unique one-of-a kind pieces of decor!

17 Easy To Make Christmas Decor Projects | Gathered In The Kitchen

It’s no secret that I love to decorate for every single holiday and occasion – but – I don’t like to spend a lot of money! Over the years, I’ve learned how to create beautiful decor for my home using things I have laying around my home or from Dollar Tree or local thrift stores.

I truly feel that it does not take a lot of money or store-bought things to create a pretty home. In fact, I actually think the most beautiful homes are those filled with things not bought at Home Goods or other large home decor stores. I think the most beautiful homes are those filled with handmade items, random old pieces that tell a story or were lovingly gifted to you.

I like it best when you into a room and all of the items that fill it have a story. I always find it so much fun to listen to others tell me where certain items came from – just as much as I love to tell people where the things that fill my home are from.

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Merry Christmas Gift Bag Sign Have you ever found a gift bag that had a beautiful design on it and thought, “what can you make out of a gift bag?” or “how do you use gift bags as a decor?” I know I certainly have! Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable has done exactly that! She has taken a store-bought holiday gift bag and turned it into a Christmas sign!

How to upcycle a gift bag from Dollar Tree into a sign

6 Ways to Decorate with American Buffalo Plaid this Holiday Season Buffalo plaid – red and black checkered patterns. Is buffalo plaid a Christmas thing? Can you mix buffalo plaids and Christmas? YES! Buffalo plaid is definitely a Christmas thing and YES you can mix with with other traditional Christmas decor. Here are 6 ways to show you how!

How to Decorate with Buffalo Plaid | Gathered In The Kitchen

Blue & White Christmas Tablescape Ideas – Do you love decorating for the holidays but like to change up the colors from traditional red and green? Check out this blue and white tablescape ideas to give your holiday a whole new look!

Blue and white Christmas tablescape ideas

Easy Sticker Sign There is nothing better than a DIY project that spruces up your home for $1!! Using a scarp piece of wood, paint and a sticker from Dollar Tree, you can make your very own custom sign fo your home to add to your holiday decor…or even better, add it to the center of a wreath!

Wooden Merry Christmas  sign made from Dollar Tree Stickers

Joy | Christmas Painted Wooden porch Sign – Have you ever thought “what should I put on my porch for Christmas?” I know I certainly have! I looked to my friends Kristin and Angela, who are amazing at decorating their porches — and I tried to copy them! I started with a simple and easy to make Christmas porch sign made out of 2×4 pieces of wood and some paint!

Joy - DIY Christmas Wooden Porch Sign

DIY Fresh Clippings Christmas Wreath – Do you cut down your own Christmas tree? If so, when you trim up the tree, save the branches to create your very own pine tree clipping wreath. Not only will it look beautiful, it will smell fabulous!

DIY Fresh Clippings Christmas Wreath

Turn old Christmas Cookie Tins into a Beautiful Farmhouse 3 Tier Stand – Decorated tiered trays is all the rage these days. But they cost a lot of money! Did you know you can make your very own 3-tier tray using empty Christmas tins?? Yes! You can, for a fraction of the cost of the store-bought tiers!

make your very own 3-tier tray using empty Christmas tins for a fraction of the cost of the store-bought tiers!

DIY Christmas Floral Centerpiece – christmas floral centerpiece – How To Use Fresh Pine Tree Clippings to Create A Christmas Centerpiece

How To Use Fresh Pine Tree Clippings to Create A Christmas Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial – For Beginners! – Don’t leave your kitchen cabinets out when decorating for Christmas this year! Using fresh pine clippings, you can create small Christmas wreaths for kitchen cabinets. The best part is these wreaths work for winter wreaths and non holiday winter wreaths!

How to make Small fresh pine clippings to make a Christmas Wreath for Kitchen Cabinets

Christmas Tree, Mantel & Stockings – Aside from decorating the Christmas tree, my 2nd favorite thing to add Christmas decor to is our mantle. It’s such an easy space to add a few more things to make our living room feel more festive.
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Mantle Decor for Christmas

How To Paint A Snowman with Dixie Belle Chalk Paint – Have a piece of scrap wood laying around that you’d like to use up? With the help of some paint, you can make a cute snowman sign to add to your holiday decor around your home.

hand painting snowman on scrap piece of wood

DIY Wooden Reindeer – A reindeer made from logs and twigs? Yes!! This sweet little reindeer is created from supplies you have laying around your home and yard. What a great way to add unique decor to your home this holiday season.

DIY Wooden Reindeer made from logs and twigs

Drop Cloth Stockings – If you’re more of a neutral decor lover, these farmhouse or shabby chic inspired Christmas stockings are for you! These are easily made out of store-bought drop clothes and adorned with lace and burlap.

Drop Cloth Stockings with Lace

8 Festive Ways To Style An Antique Dough Bowl – If you’re an antique lover, you likely have a vintage dough bowl laying around your home. Take your every day decor and turn it into a beautiful eye-catching decor piece by adding some holiday flare to it!

vintage dough bowl decorated for christmas

24 Easy DIY Winter Wreaths – I love a good wreath for my many doors on my 1886 Victorian home. Literally, wreaths make my heart sing! They add cheap curb appeal and give a glimpse of what the house may look and feel like on the inside. Making simple and easy wreaths that work for Christmas or for non holiday winter wreaths is so much fun. Here are 24 simple winter wreaths you can make on the cheap!

24 Easy DIY Winter Wreaths | Gathered In The Kitchen

Paint Your Own Ceramic Christmas Tree with Light Kit – Do you have sentimental memories of lighted ceramic Christmas trees from your childhood? I know I certainly do! my grandma had her very own pottery making studio at her home where she made her own molds, painted and fired her pieces. My most favorite Christmas decorations that we had at my house growing up, were pieces that my grandma had made. I’m lucky to have a few of her pieces still. A few years ago I had the opportunity to paint my very own ceramic Christmas tree, and I love it!

How to Paint your own ceramic Christmas tree

DIY Christmas Themed Winter Wooden Signs – If you have a Silhouette Cameo, Cricut machine or another type of cutting plotter, you can create beautiful designs that will spice up any room in your home!

How to make wooden Christmas signs

Tell me in the comments…

What is your favorite budget-friendly DIY project you like to create for Christmas decor?

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