Recent Embroidery Projects

I’ve been busy embroidering just about anything I can get m hands on lately! …here is a few of them!


My daugther’s 1st Day of School dressemb2

Backpack for my BFF’s sonemb3

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Boat on the back of the backpackemb4

Diaper clutch and two bibs for my neighboremb5

Beach towels for my kiddosemb6

Beach towel for another neighbor


Beach towels party favors for my daughter’s birthday! More on that HEREemb7

Birthday library book bag for another neighbor (I have a neighborhood full of awesome kiddos!!)emb8

…and one for his sisteremb9

Pillow for my son’s “Bear Sleepover” at schoolemb10

Blanket for “Bear Sleepover”emb11

Superhero cape for my son

I’ve got my machine running right now with my kid’s Halloween shirts!! Can’t wait to show you those as well!

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