11 Delicious Treats for Fall

If you’re throwing a Halloween party you’re going to need appetizers and snacks to get the party started! Scroll through for 11 delicious fall recipes featuring popcorn balls, cookies, muffins and more!

11 Delicious Treats for Fall

Fall is by far my most favorite season! If I could live in a year full of only fall, I would! Ever since I was a kid I have loved the start of school, the changing of the colors, the cooler temperatures and most of all…by birthday, a few days before Halloween! As I got older, fall became my favorite because it was Cross Country season. For 10 long years, from middle school through division I college, I raced long distance races competitively sporting the all so lovely, spankies as my uniform.

Nothing in my life has pushed me to the limits I pushed myself to in running. It was the true love of my life and I devoted my heart and soul to it…until I became injured and ended up not being able to race my senior year of college. It was life altering to say the least, something I had devoted soooo much time to, all of a sudden I wasn’t able to do anymore. But thankfully, I had my sweet to-be hubby who had transferred out to my university the year prior and I was able to occupy myself planning our wedding rather than feeling sorry for myself. During that time of planning our wedding, I also began to play Susie Homemaker because I suddenly had 3 hours back in my day where I was not running. I tried teaching myself to cook but it really wasn’t working out so well, the only thing I really could master was baking! So, I hope you find these recipes below as delicious as I think they are! Enjoy and happy fall!

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Popcorn Caramel Balls

Who doesn’t love popcorn balls? I know I do! I also love a good twist on popcorn and love it when it’s sweet! The caramel and mini chocolate chips on these popcorn balls take it to the next level and is the perfect blend of sweet and salty!

Popcorn Caramel Balls



Reece’s Pieces Halloween Cookies In A Jar 

Give a gift to the hostess with these easy to make cookies in a jar! Or, make them up ahead of time and bring them to the party! The chocolate cookies look amazing with the Halloween colored M&Ms!

Reece's Pieces Halloween Cookies In A Jar & Printable



Hershey Kisses Acorn Treats 

Go ahead, and be that overachieving mom! You’ll thank yourself later for it! I made these for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party….so many moons ago, and she still talks about these acorn treats and witch hat cookies below!

Hershey Kisses Acorn Treats



Hershey Kisses Witch Hats Cookies

Hershey Kisses Witch Hat Cookies



Hershey Kiss Candy Corn Pretzel Melts

Another perfect combination of sweet and salty! These pretzel melts do just that, melt in your mouth, leaving you craving for more! **Tip: make 2 batches! Because they are so easily devoured!



Flourless Monster Cookies

These cookies say it all in the name! Monster!!! And believe me, they are monstrous! Follow the recipe or throw in whatever else you’d like!

flourless monster cookies



Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Chocolate Chips & Chocolate Drizzle

Looking for a quick and easy recipe that doesn’t require a whole lot of homemade goodness? ….but want it to taste homemade? These muffins are actually a box mix drizzled with melted chocolate chips on top! Shh….I won’t tell anyone they aren’t made from scratch!

Pumpkin Spice Muffins with chocolate chips & chocolate drizzle



Pumpkin Sundae Pie Ice Cream

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!!! ….and so does the TV news!! I made these pumpkin sundaes on live television and everyone loved them! Make them in styrofoam cups to keep them cold and portable!

Pumpkin Sundae Pie - so so so good!


Leftover Halloween Candy Pie

Another TV favorite! Dice up all that leftover Halloween candy and throw it into this easy to bake pie! Use a store-bought pie crust to make it even easier!

Have leftover Halloween candy? Chop it up and make this delicious leftover Halloween candy pie!


Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

This is one of my most memorable recipes on the blog as it was one of the first recipes I had made in my “grown up” life. The recipe was given to me by a dear co-worker in Georgia and when my daughter was old enough to hold a wooden spoon, she and I began baking with her on top of our counter in a bouncy seat. These muffins are not only sentimental…they are the most requested recipe by my sister when she visits! I hope your family loves them as much as mine 🙂

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins


Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Shake

A healthy snack that is perfect for on-the-go. Throw all of the ingredients into a shaker cup and you’re good to go!

pumpkin protein smoothie shake

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