School Birthday Favors & Celebration

My daughter just turned 6. Yes, s-i-x!!! I’m not sure how this really happened because just yesterday she was still only a 2 week old baby. Wahhhh, she’s growing up just way too fast!! I can’t stand it!

At her school she was allowed to bring in goodies for everyone, but no “food” items (I didn’t think that suckers counted, haha)

I put together little gift goodie bags for everyone in her class and cake pops for her teachers and the Principal and Assistant Principal (a little sucking up never hurt anyone) ;-p bday2

I found these animal themed paper mask books (with 5 pages each) on clearance at Wal-Mart for $1.50 per pack, each pack had 5 books! So I really saved money this way! …and I thought these would be way more fun than the typical pencil and eraser or stickers that usually are the goodie bags.bday3 bday4

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I used these cute little cupcake printable tags.bday5 bday6

We surprised her at school and then treated her to a birthday lunch!!bday7

Special area designated just for when parents come in to have lunch with their kiddos! Sweet!bday8

My birthday girl!! 6 years old!bday9 bday10

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  1. Kristin Smith says:

    So cute! Love how you guys ate lunch with her on her birthday! Happy belated birthday to Tam! 🙂

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