Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath | Curled Deco Mesh Wreath

Make an Easter themed bunny rabbit wreath using Dollar Tree materials. This curled deco mesh method creates beautiful and full wreaths!

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath

Dollar Tree is the best for crafting supplies! I know, who would have thought? But they are! Every season and holiday, Dollar Tree gets in seasonal decor and craft supplies that are perfect for the crafters at heart! The Dollar Tree Witch Hat wreath I made was a HUGE hit!

Tip: Plan ahead!!! Dollar Tree craft and seasonal decor supplies sell out very quickly, and often times before the actual season for the “holiday”. For instance, I’m writing this post in February, and my local Dollar Tree was already sold out of the spring/Easter colored decorative mesh that I used in this tutorial. A good rule of thumb; plan at least 1 1/2 to 2 months ahead of the holiday!


  • 1 – 18″ wire wreath form
  • 5 – 6″ wide rolls of decorative mesh, 5 yards each
  • 1 – 2.5″ wide wired ribbon roll
  • 1 – package pipe cleaners
  • scissors or cutting mat and rolling cutter
Supplies for Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath

Curly Decorative Mesh

Making the curly decorative mesh “picks” is super easy! The process is highlighted in this photo below, or you can see my full step-by-step tutorial with pictures here.

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How to make a curly decorative mesh wreath

Once you’ve made all of the curly deco mesh picks, it’s time to assemble them on the wire wreath form!

Placement of Curls on Wire Wreath Form

Placing the curly deco mesh picks on the wire wreath is not nearly as hard as you would think! The key is placing the same number of picks in each section of the wire wreath form.

I created a template to show you where to place the picks. The “Xs” mark round one. Come back for a second round “Os” and fill in any gaps! Basically, it’s all about alternating rows!

How to make a curly decorative mesh wreath

Video Tutorial

YouTube video

The Finished Product

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath - colorful curly deco mesh wreath
Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath - colorful curly deco mesh wreath

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Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath - colorful curly deco mesh wreath

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