Coffee Filter Wreath

A beautiful and easy wreath made from coffee filters for less than $5! Using a hot glue gun and coffee filters you can transform your space in less than an hour!

Despite the fact that according to my blog, my life has been non-existent, I really have been super busy. One of these days I’ll get around to writing about the delicious Thanksgiving dinner we hosted, our Christmas mantel, the billion recipes that are taking up room on my memory cards, etc. One day! šŸ™‚

But in the meantime, I thought I’d share this super cheap, easy and quick wreath I made to fill an awkward gap above our front door shoe bench that Lover Boy had built back at our 2nd house (some of you may remember it).

coffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorial

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The bench was inspired out of a Pottery Barn catalog that was originally accompanied by an on the wall shelf/hook board. When Lover Boy bought the wood to make this he had purchased enough for the wall shelf as well (even drew out all of his cuts). But the weekend that he made this, he ran out of time and then life happened (aka some oil in the garage spilled and ruined the bottom parts of the wood, so I sawed off the bad parts and used it for something else!)

So, since something desperately needed to go above the bench (because our ceilings are 12 feet high) I used this crown molding shelf that Lover Boy had made at our 1st house from scraps of molding we put up in the house  (for all of your new to the blog you can catch up on our insane moving around HERE or HERE).

coffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorial

The pictures are from one of the billion trips to Tybee Island when we lived in GA, my most favorite beach. Poor Laughing Coyote looks like he’s not loved since his sister steals the thunder on photo spots! The blue Mason jars are filled with sand from various beaches in GA and SC. The ceramic birds are from Michaels from a few years ago. I made the monogrammed Christmas Tree pillow with my early Christmas present from Lover Boy!! (he totally rocks!)

monogrammed christmas pillow

(Just had to show this off! It was the first thing I made with my new machine!)

OK – so enough about everything else. Here’s how you make the coffee filter wreath!

What you will need:

-Approximately 150 coffee filters (regular size)

-Hot glue gun

-10-15 glue sticks

-1 small foam wreath form (depending on the size you use you may need more or less filters and glue sticks)

-Scissors (optional)

coffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorial

Start by heating up your glue gun and separating several coffee filters

coffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorial

Scrunch up the filter (this is a great job for your little ones. Little Finch was all about helping with this!) and add a generous amount of glue all around the bottom

coffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorial

Stick it on the wreath. Repeat over and over and over… ***I burnt my fingers SEVERAL times doing this (big time ouch!). In fact, you can see the glue on my nails. If it’s easier, use the bottom end of a pencil or something similar to help press on the filters

coffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorial

Just keep going around and around filling in every spot. You don’t want to see green through any gaps

When you’re done, if the shape is a little off on one side, etc you can always trim the filters with scissors. I didn’t trim mine because I really liked the look of the “layered” filters. You can always add a colored ribbon to hang it with, or accent it with flowers or heck, even tea dye or Cool-Aid dye the filters beforehand if you want to add some color!

And there you have it! A wreath for less than $15!!

coffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorialcoffee filter wreath step-by-step tutorial

coffee filter wreath hanging on china cabinet


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