Wooden American Flag

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Build a hanging jAmerican flag for your front door out of scrap wood, rope and paint!

This weekend Lover Boy and I worked for a few minutes on some of the many projects we have going on (we also wasted lot of time too!) We are horrible at starting projects and then getting distracted and starting another! You would have thought we would have learned our lesson from our old house. But no, we just get too excited! Anyway, Lover Boy bought a table for his router and taught me how to use it. OH.MY.GOSH! I need to hire a babysitter, I have sooo many projects planned now! If I don’t cook for awhile, you know I’m in the garage working with power tools! 🙂

Wooden American Flag

Here’s how Little Finch and I made it:

In the excitement of using the router, I decided to use some old wood that the movers used to build a crate to move our TV and just have fun. I didn’t have an end goal in mind until I started routering a couple of pieces. (sorry no pictures for the first 2 steps:

1) I ran it through the table saw to make them skinnier. I didn’t cut them exactly in half, one side being a little thicker than the other

2) I ran each plank through the router on both sides

I used a medium size drill bit to drill through on both sides on each plank. Notice the fancy edges? Courtesy of the router!
Painting time
Once the paint dried I used sandpaper to rough up the paint a bit
My sweet helper also sanded
Next we applied Dark Walnut stain to the painted planks
Little Finch did the white ones
See the different? The top one has the stain on it…much more rustic and weathered looking like I was wanting!
Next we strung rope through the holes and tied a knot in between the planks (p.s. i purposely didn’t have them line up)
Next I painted on the blue and a white star and roughed it up a bit with the sandpaper
Hanging on our front porch
Hanging in its current home, the front door

What do you guys think? Have you made any fun projects lately?


*Little Sparrow 

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  1. Oh that looks like a fun project! I would love to do that type of stuff. We travel a lot, but as soon as we settle down I am going to join in on this kind of fun (I already have a list lol). Until then, I will continue to enjoy the game from the bench.
    I’m happy to follow your blog, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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