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I am the room parent for my son’s preschool class, of which I was asked to help organize the graduation ceremony for the students going on to Kindergarten in the fall. On the to-do list was an invitation for students to hand out for the big day!

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I usually design my own cards spending hours trying to pair fonts, making or purchasing graphics, trying out various colors and more. Not to mention, then I have to buy special cardstock paper and envelopes and print them myself using toner that is insanely expensive OR pay to have them printed at a print shop requiring me to drive out of my way. Literally, it can be a pain in the rump! My good intentions usually make me more stressed out and cost more money than if I went with a design and print service.

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Time management is something I’m working towards getting better at (it’s a big works in progress!!), so I decided to make life easier and design the graduation invitation cards using an online service that allows you to click and print! My son’s teacher and I were able to browse dozens of premade templates for graduation and then customize it to our exact needs and colors! It was so easy to do that it literally took only a few minutes! 7 days later the printed invites were on my doorstep ready to be passed out! I call that a huge mom win!!

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This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.

With my own ever growing list of things to do before the school year ends, I’m so glad that this task was so easy to accomplish! Not only do the invitations look amazing and beautiful, it was such a time saver to create them using a design and print service!

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I love them! …and my baby looks so grown up! Thankfully he will be heading to transitional kindergarten (TK) for his 2nd year of preschool in the fall rather than Kindergarten because he is on the younger side. I’m not ready to let my baby go! But he’s super excited to have a participate in the gradation ceremony with his friends who will be moving on to the big ol’ world of elementary school!

How to make custom graduation cards

You can make your very own cards for every occasion at Basic Invite as well as thank you cards for everyone who attended the special day! Literally, so easy and convenient!


Now we get to spend more time on the fun stuff…like creating teacher appreciation week ideas, teacher appreciation gifts,  graduation favors and snapping photos of the adorable little kiddos in their graduation gowns!


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