Garage Sale Clock Redo

This weekend I decided to go out and hit up a few garage sales. I found this cute little clock that I bought for $1. The only problem is I hated the background design on it. So I decided to do a quick redo.

Before – Cute…but needs some work!

Here’s how I transformed it:

With my eyeglass screwdriver kit I went to work…
I started by popping off the plastic cover
Off it came
Next I carefully pulled off the hands and then popped out the design background
I then traced that onto fun scrapbook paper (yes I did two different ones because I’m thinking that I may do another makeover soon)
I’ve had these numbers for literally a whole decade…I’m so glad I finally got to use them! haha
I then used the lid of one of the kids cups as an outline and stuck on the numbers
Cute, huh?!?

In the meantime I’m going to stick this in Little Finch’s room. I’m debating about spray painting it white and putting in the pink paper (shown in the cutouts). But…then again, I may use textured spray paint and put in a boy design background to go in Laughing Coyote’s room…ohh the possibilities!


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*Little Sparrow 

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  1. Jessica @ Balancing the Dream says:

    sooo incredibly cute!! i’m pinning it!!

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