Quinoa Veggie Bowl

I feel like I go through healthy eating kicks all of the time. I eat really good then I eat really crappy. Oddly enough, I love vegetables but sometimes I get stuck in ruts where I hardly make them at all! The other day I was starving for lunch and chose to make a healthy decision and create something with what I had rather than a PB & J sandwich!

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I sautéed veggies and paired them with quinoa. It was so. SO.SOOO good!! Not only did it taste awesome, it held me over all day (even though dinner) so I didn’t snack on junk food! Double win!

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The great thing about this dish is that it can be a side dish or a main dish. Add in some protein and you are good to go for dinner!

Quinoa Veggie Bowl
Recipe Type: Main Dish
Author: Stephanie – Gathered In The Kitchen
  1. Bring quinoa, chicken stock and butter to a boil then let simmer for 15 minutes or until fluffy
  2. While quinoa is cooking heat EVOO in pan and stir fry veggies seasoning with salt and pepper
  3. Mix together and serve

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