My 32nd Birthday in Myrtle Beach, SC

So…yesterday was my whopping 32nd birthday. I’m definitely getting up there but until I find my 1st gray hair I’m still considering myself young! 🙂

Now watch…tomorrow I’ll find my first darn gray hair! (please God, no!!!)

Anyway! We like to always get away for birthdays and do something special so we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s been a while since we’ve been to the ocean since we are so close to the mountains now we usually head that way (like last weekend).

We had a great time! The weather was perfect, the crowds were practically nonexistent and the kids and dogs were perfectly behaved (like they always are when we travel by ourselves).

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Rather than blabbing on, I’m just going to show you our trip in pictures! Enjoy!!

Day 1:



Not sure how this big kid is my baby!! I think someone replaced my little baby! Wahhhh, he’s so old and grown up now! IMG_6087

Time out… isn’t my little guy, Laughing Coyote just adorable!!! Those dimples totally swoon me!

And then finally, on the 100th try…




We ate at Pier 14 on the water the first night and I loaded up on shrimp of all kinds! This was the Boom Boom Shrimp (aka buffalo shrimp)


And then I was surprised with really delicious key lime pie! IMG_6132



Day 2:


IMG_0327 IMG_6169

This is 32!IMG_6177

Being perfect. Not a single bark or anything annoying out of them! They seriously just love traveling!IMG_6196

My little mini me and I!



Drunken Jack’s restaurant is north of Myrtle Beach by just a few miles on Murrells Inlet. There are a ton of restaurants here to choose from.

We ate out on the water againIMG_0357

My fancy pirate who likes fresh lemon squeezed on her fried shrimp! Love it!! IMG_0354

Fried oysters!IMG_0353

Lump crab cake!!IMG_0352

One of my most favorite soups, She Crab Soup! Ohhh my goodness! I seriously love this stuff!

Hushpuppies – apparently Drunken Jack’s is known for these…personally, lets just say the music they played was WAY better 🙂


Before we headed home we let the kids play a round of mini golf – they had so much fun!!

IMG_0386 IMG_0376

IMG_0361IMG_0382 IMG_0366 IMG_0365 IMG_0363 IMG_0375

It was really fun to watch the kids try something new. In fact, both of the big kids scored holes in one!!!

We had a really great time! I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend my birthday!!



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