Organizing: Important Papers In The Car

I’m in full swing organization mode over here. I finally feel well enough to get some stuff done and have tons of motivation to get settled into our new home (finally) :-).

Since our move, we’ve received all new insurance cards for health and auto, new prescription cards, auto registration cards, etc. So, rather than just sticking them in our cluttered wallets or the glove boxes I decided to look on Amazon for something that would help organize these cards.

For the auto cards I found these little wallet type deals and ordered them right away! They came today and I happily and enthusiastically filled them pronto and put them in all of our vehicles.


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I love that they have a spot for the registration card and insurance card. I also stuck other important cards in there (ie: warranty cards, etc).

I‘m so excited about them! I love organization and love things having specific places to go…the stuff that doesn’t have a place to go ends up creating a war scene in my house (daily basis) – gaaaa!!.

Now I need to replenish my car bins and the vehicles are good to go!

How do you organize your car? I’d love to hear about it!


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