Our Homes: Past & Present Comparison

So you’ve probably become to think that my blog has gone from a cooking blog, to a non existent blog to a house blog. Sorry! Thanks for sticking with me. šŸ™‚ Anyway, in a continuation of “the house blog” I pulled up pictures of our old house to compare it to a house that Lover Boy and I found online in North Carolina for sale. (we’re planning on seeing it later this week). It reminds me of our Georgia home so much! Therefore, I am in love. So…I decided to write this post to make you fall in love too! What? You don’t like Southern Country homes? Bummer!  Here goes…

Lover Boy and I bought our first home in Georgia 2 months after we were married. I was 23, he was 24. We had gone to see the house several times and obviously fell in love with it. On Valentine’s Day 2007 he surprised me with putting in an offer on the house! I loved everything about the house, inside and outside. It was nestled amongst beautiful mature trees, 2 houses down from a large fishing pond, AND my most favorite part – had 2 acres! The house sat far back off of the neighborhood street and had a flowering pear tree lined driveway. The backyard was woods, relatively speaking (with another street of the neighborhood behind us). It wasn’t fancy by any means but it was perfect for us and it was “home”. Both of our babies came home to this house. I plain out loved it…and still do.

It had a large rocking chair front porch. We used to eat out here all of the time. In the picture below you can see our bistro table and chairs and a wine table thing-a-ma-bob on the left side. On the right side we had our Cracker Barrel rocking chairs.

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The double tree became one of our favorite spots to take pictures. We’re dorks I know, but we called it the Stephanie and Clayton tree.

The side view of the house. The breezeway lead from the kitchen to the garage. When we moved in there was no door on the garage – so one week in we had this door installed. A must with 3 dog-aroos! I always loved pulling up to this. It felt really grand. (on a side note, we came home one afternoon to a 4 foot black snake on this parking slab – gag!! Lover Boy is quite the snake slayer I will tell you! kinda šŸ™‚ )

A not so hot picture of the deck. Oh well. This picture cuts off a good part of the deck as well as the hot tub. See in the bottom left corner part of the deck is elevated? Those were steps leading up to a platform that went up to the hot tub. Surprised that swing still was together after the billion hours my mom swung with Little Finch out there when she was a baby. We bought the patio/fire pit table set for Lover Boy’s birthday when I was VERY pregnant with Little Finch. I remember sitting outside on it at the store way too clearly! The hammock Little Finch and I bought for Father’s Day one year (as you can see the tree in the middle of the deck had ridiculous amounts of pollen and totally covered the hammock in this picture!)

We put in the three-window window (well we paid someone to do it). It was in our family room and boy did it make a world of a difference! (Along the deck there was a railing but because it intersected with the window we took it off).

So do you love it as much as I do? If we would have stayed we would have obviously redone the deck. We had also talked about putting on an addition…if we really would have stayed for like a loooong time – we were there 3.5 years. (We totally redid the inside of the house as well – another day another post).

Fast forward to current time. Here’s our house now. It’s nice. I actually really do love the floor plan and the deck and balconies but it totally misses the boat on having the “ahhhh/wow” factor  on the outside to me. But…we knew we would only be here a short time so we needed to buy a house that would have a quick turn around when it came to sell (ha, 1 year 8 months later we’re selling to move again) OR be able to rent out. It probably doesn’t really look like it but this house is 800 sq ft bigger than our first home.

Definitely no 2 acres, but we do have .25 acres and it backs up to the woods and a creek, which is nice. But I sure do miss our old yard. We all do.

Here’s to hoping we find a house that is the perfect fit for us!


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