Coat Closet Makeover

My hall closet drives me nuts! It’s always a huge mess and full of coats, shoes, swim gear and motorcycle helmets. Sometimes it’s hard to get the door closed even because there’s so much stuff.

I had had enough and decided I was going to go through it and take out what didn’t need to be there. So out came like 27093 coats and shoes that were too small. That automatically freed up a lot of space but I just couldn’t stand that the shelf we had in there didn’t allow us to maximize the space. So…I got to thinking … and BUILDING!

hall closet makeover2

My main goal was storage. I wasn’t going to for beautiful. In the same hallway is the DIY Coat Rack I crafted:back door

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And the Laundry Room Makeover for Under $50

laundry room 3a


Let me show you how EASY and CHEAP this was to do!

It makes it A LOT easier if you have an air compressor and nail gun…

Laundry Room8

Start by using your 1×2 boards and making your supports

laundry room11 laundry room10

Then cut your shelf boards and just lay them on top of the supports! You can nail them down if you would like – I didn’t actually because there really was no need to.

Coat Closet Shelves

Ta da…

hall closet makeover3

I raised the wire shelf quite a bit because the ceiling in the closet is 9″ tall so there was so much wasted space! It’s not beautiful by any means but it is SO less cluttered and way more functional! I can actually find what I’m looking for. If I had taken the door off I would have done something like Shelley from House of Smiths

house of smiths

But…because I have this seating area in my front entry way I didn’t need to 😉


While I was taking these pics look who photobombed it 🙂

Anyway, time to go tackle another project!



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