Laundry Room Makeover for Under $50

Makeover your laundry room and add storage for under $50 and 2 hours!

I don’t know about you but my laundry room was seriously always the pits! It was full of overflow junk all of the time. Before guests would come over I would throw stuff in there because I could close the door and it was out of the way. Well…I finally had enough of the clutter! I was over my laundry room being a problematic area, it was time for a makeover!! 

Laundry Room Makeover Before & After Under $50 and 2 Hours

My goal was to utilize as much space as possible! Our ceilings in the laundry room are 9′ high so I really wanted to take advantage of the overhead space. When I would lay awake at night troubled by my laundry room dilemma (ha) I kept thinking of adding one really tall cabinet with shelving on the side of it…So that’s just what I did!

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I found my cabinet on Craigslist for $30! It’s solid wood and is 42″ tall. I added crown molding to give it some more dimension. These pieces I had in our scrap pile in the garage. However, if you were to buy them it would be under $10! I was inspired by this post from The Lettered Cottage a few years ago and always kept it in the back of my brain. They show you exactly how to add taller trim to cabinets. 

Laundry Room Makeover Before & After Under $50 and 2 Hours

Building The Shelves:

To build the shelves I used 2″ white pine boards and had them cut to the lengths that I needed at Lowe’s Home Improvement. The total cost of these were under $4

I then used Laminate Shelf Boards for my actual shelves. Again, I had Lowe’s cut this for me so it was super easy to install once I got home! The cost of this board was $12.98. I decided to only use one board because that made 2 shelves – I figured I could come back and add more later if I decided that I needed more shelves…but honestly, the 2 shelves is working out perfect! (especially since I have tall decorations).

Yeeeears ago my hubby bought this portable Husky air compressor and let me just tell you, it is the bomb! It is so reliable, so handy, so easy to maneuver, and so easy to use! So easy to use that I use it all of the time!! #girlpower – I’m sure that when my husband bought this 3 houses ago he didn’t picture me using it ;-p But seriously, it is one of my post favorite power tools!

Husky Portable Air Compressor

I really think that everyone needs one! Your life will be so much easier if you do!

This isn’t the same one that I have but this looks like it would be super handy and easy to use!

Step 1:
-Hang wall cabinet – use wood screws and make sure that you drill into wall studs otherwise your cabinet will fall

Step 2:
-Measure where you would like your support boards to go and mark on wall

Laundry Room Makeover Before & After Under $50 and 2 Hours

(this is actually a picture from my next project that I will be showing you…I did not have a picture of the support boards that really showed what it should look like…so this is what you need to do…3 boards are needed for each shelf)

Step 3:
-Using air nailer gun nail your boards to the wall (be careful that there are no pipes or wires where you are nailing them)

Laundry Room Makeover Before & After Under $50 and 2 Hours

Step 4:
-Place laminate shelf boards on top of support boards

Step 5:
-Paint and make pretty!

Finishing Touches

Laundry Room Makeover Before & After Under $50 and 2 Hours

I used a small angular paint brush to cut in (paint around the edges, wall, etc). It worked great!!

door and cabinet roller kit

This little 4″  roller is seriously amazing! It worked so well, didn’t splatter and didn’t waste paint! The little paint tray was also really easy to hold and was very durable!

I did a lot of research beforehand to figure out what was the absolute best white paint – I wanted TRUE white, not yellow, not pink, not blue, not gray tinted…just white! I found a lot of other bloggers using Benjamin Moore Simply White – so I did too! It’s the perfect “color” 🙂

Benjamin Moore Simply White 2143-70 Paint

Finally, caulk where necessary…I actually still need to do this, blah! It’s so easy to do, but just isn’t the most fun…the most fun part is decorating and throwing away junk that you didn’t need in the first place! 😉

I REALLY love the way my laundry room makeover turned out!!

Laundry Room Makeover Before & After Under $50 and 2 Hours

Laundry Room Makeover Before & After Under $50 and 2 Hours

I can’t believe the difference a few bucks and 2 hours can make!!

Laundry Room Makeover Before & After Under $50 and 2 Hours

What do you think? Do you like it? Do you have a problematic laundry room that needs some help? I’d love to see your pictures if you do something like mine!


  1. Jessica Ballard says:

    I need a laundry room overhaul. LOL I need to add some color to it, and change up a few of the cabinets- seriously may paint my cherry cabinets white in there to brighten it up and use a teal or tiffany blue color. I so wanted a soaking sink when we built, but it just holds junk now, so thinking about putting in a tall cabinet to hold brooms and stuff, and other hubby hunting stuff/tools, etc. I like how pretty yours is now. I have similar decorations with the stars and vintage crates- le sigh. Great minds.

    1. oh I’d love to see it if you do it! Send pics!!

  2. Hi. How did you attach the support pieces to the side of the cabinet? I assume they are particle board so I assume you couldn’t nail them in like you did with the wall.

    1. Oops forgot to click that I wanted updates.

    2. yes i attached it to the side of my cabinet…wood glue and nail gun (they came through a little bit so i just bent them) BUT you could also kreg jig (pocket holes) the support pieces together to extra support

  3. Oddie Marie King says:

    Love washroom makeover. I need to do that too.

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