DIY Wooden Sign Workshop

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Learn to create your very own personalized Wooden Sign at Gathered in The Kitchen’s Workshop.

Teaching others the art of creating their own masterpieces has always been my passion. Hence why Gathered In The Kitchen began back in 2011! Not only is creating your own pieces fun, it’s very therapeutic. One of my most favorite things to do is to sit down and create. My mediums of choice have changed over the years but none the less, I’m always creating something!

My wooden signs that I share on Instagram  (come follow me!!) have drawn a lot of attention so I decided to open up my home for a DIY Wooden Sign Workshop. I’m so happy to say that it went great! Everyone did an amazing job and loved their finished products!

All signs are hand built by myself. Yep! That’s right! #girlswithpowertools are the best! It takes a lot of time to build them but I prefer to offer a premium, custom made product rather than something you can buy at a local bargain store. 

Each sign is made of premium birch and frame with pine. 

Workshop attendees were able to choose their colors for the background wood and the stain color for their frame.

I offer two different sized signs. 12 X 12 and 12 x 24.

Everyone was able to chose their own designs as well. All of the designs were custom made by myself. I then cut out their designs and had them all ready for the workshop.

The workshop was all set up with the necessary supplies to create their very own wooden signs.

Then the workshop begins with me teaching all of my personal tried and true tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way!

Perfection!! Such amazing and clean lines!

I love everyone’s creations and am so happy that they have a beautiful custom piece to decorate their homes with!

I would love to have you join me for my upcoming workshops! 

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