How to Drill Holes in Granite for Faucets and Drains

Learn how to drill holes in granite countertops for faucets and drain holes in just a few easy steps.

Hi there! Hopefully you caught part 1 of our cutting and installing granite yourself to save big bucks series. If not, be sure to reference back to How To Cut Granite Countertops. Once you’ve completed that step you are most likely ready to drill your holes in the granite for things such as your faucets and drains. This part is simple and can be done with minimal tooling.

How to Drill Holes in Granite for Faucets and Drains

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Tools Needed to Drill Holes In Granite:

These are the tools we used with easy shopping links. There are variants you can use, but this is what has worked best for us with each granite cutting project we have done.

Compact Drill

Diamond Hole Saw Kit & Arbor

Hole Saw Reservoir

Garden Hose

2×4 Boards

Safety Glasses 

Ear Plugs


How to Drill Holes In Granite:

  1. Lay 2×4 boards on flat surface
  2. Lay granite on top of 2×4 boards, polished side up
  3. Mark out all cut marks, and always measure twice!
  4. Attach the reservoir to the granite
  5. Fill the reservoir with water
  6. Begin drilling by starting slowly and then work up to speed, periodically rinsing out and refilling the water reservoir. This step will take several minutes, be patient and do not drill too fast. Be sure to keep the drill straight to ensure your holes are cut properly. How to Drill Holes in Granite for Faucets and Drains
  7. In this video, my husband and I explain the entire process of drilling holes in your granite yourself at home. We also discuss why we are using each specific tool and tips to get nice, clean lines without any chips! (p.s. wear shoes…lol!)
YouTube video


Be sure to go back and check out our video tutorial for cutting granite countertops where we share lots of helpful tips as well as information about the tools used.

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