Kristin’s Christmas Front Porch

Kristin, my most favorite friend in the whole world is not only gorgeous herself but she is an out of this world interior (and exterior) designer! She literally is amazing! Every square inch of her home is stunning! Kristin is the master of layering, adding texture and making every space feel so warm and inviting yet so stylish at the same time! I honestly love to go and admire all of her work… thank goodness my oldest and youngest are BFFs with her kiddos! I was so thankful she let me come and snap photos of every square inch of her GORGEOUS front porch and share them with you!!  (remember, this is only her porch! The inside is even more beautiful!)

beautiful outdoor christmas decor

Isn’t she so beautiful!?! She and her home NEED to be in Better Homes & Gardens.

Beautiful outdoor christmas decor

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Her awesome hubby built this reindeer for her and she painted it!



another look at the adorable reindeer…they also made this cute snowman!

Her porch is so huge (we live in the south!) and she has so many seating areas! My husband and I are just going to head on over there and have a date night one night they are gone! hahaha

I mean seriously, even her cat looks like a model!

Isn’t it just lovely?!?! I mean seriously it’s really just not even fair to the rest of us who struggle in the decorating department! I just absolutely love Kristin and her house!! Make sure you share her amazing work on Pinterest!! 

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