Canned Biscuit Breakfast Recipes

Looking for an easy to make breakfast recipe that uses store-bought canned biscuits, that can feed a crowd? These recipes are for you!

Over the years, I’ve hosted many holidays that required our out-of-state guests to stay with us, leaving me with a household of people to feed! Rather than spend my entire morning making individual breakfast items like pancakes, eggs or even toast, I like to make recipes that are hearty (I don’t want to be making lunch five minutes after getting done cleaning up breakfast!) and actually tastes good!

I’ve found that I can accomplish hearty and delicious tasting breakfast meals that can feed a lot of people by doctoring up a can or two of store-bought biscuits! Here are a few of my favorite recipes that I’ve made. I hope you enjoy them!

01 | Canned Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

A quick and easy, hearty breakfast that serves a crowd! Store-bought biscuits, Jimmy Dean sausage, eggs, milk and cheese!

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Store-Bought Canned Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

02 | Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Breakfast Rolls with Bacon Egg and Cheese

Looking for a quick, easy and delicious breakfast that is kid approved? These breakfast crescent rolls are stuffed with bacon, eggs and cheese and are perfect for breakfast for a crowd!

Breakfast Crescent Rolls with Bacon Egg and Cheese | Gathered In The Kitchen

03 | Mini Quiches With Peas and Bacon

These mini quiches with bacon and peas is so quick and easy to make. Everyone LOVED this recipe!! Pie crust, eggs, peas, bacon, gruyere cheese, and heavy cream team up to make this delicious and nutritious quiche that is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

mini quiches with peas and bacon | Gathered In The Kitchen

04 | Bacon Egg & Cheese Breakfast Cups

Bacon egg & cheese breakfast cups using Pillsbury canned pizza dough. These are easy to make and extra delicious!

bacon egg & cheese breakfast cups with canned biscuits | Gathered In The Kitchen

05 | Crescent Roll Casserole

This crescent roll breakfast casserole is the perfect breakfast for a large crowd or in a pinch! Prep time takes only a matter of minutes and requires very basic ingredients. Bake & enjoy the savory rich flavors of the crescent rolls!

Crescent Roll Breakfast Casserole with canned biscuits | Gathered In The Kitchen

06 | Croissant Waffle Sandwiches

Bust out the George Forman or griddle and whip up these amazing, delicious and filling breakfast croissant waffle sandwiches that even the kids will love!

Croissant Waffle Breakfast Sandwich recipe | Gathered In The Kitchen

07 | Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Easy to make breakfast pizza with Pillsbury crescent rolls, frozen hash browns, sausage, cheese, eggs and half and half.

Super Easy Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza recipe | Gathered In The Kitchen

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