How To Store Holiday Garland

Once the holiday season has come and gone, it’s time to store away your holiday garland. Here is how to store your garland nicely!

victorian mantle decorated for christmas with garland, stockings, ornaments, beads, glass trees and more

What kind of person are you?

  1. Sad when you put your Christmas decor away?
  2. Glad to make the space and start fresh?

I have to admit – I’m usually #2! As much as I love my Christmas decor, I truly do love clearing it out and starting fresh! It just makes it feel a little less messy/busy.

wood stair case decorate with garland, poinsettias, lights, ornaments and beads

The time has come…and it’s time to put my Christmas garland away. I look forward to putting it out every year, and then I’m strangely excited to put it away at the end of the holiday season!

I have a lot of garland that I decorate my house with for Christmas, both inside and out. Just the outside of our house has 18 strands of 6′ lighted garland! Yikes! I sure do have a lot!

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1886 Victorian Home in the snow

But don’t worry, with the Christmas decor coming down, you now have the opportunity to start with a whole new fresh theme to decorate with! I definite went minimalistic with my January mantle decor and it just feels so nice to have a little more “freed up space!”

But how are you to store away all these swag of garland each year in between the holidays?

Saying bye-bye to my lighted garland until next year!

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How To Store Holiday Garland

  1. Remove all added ornaments, bows, ribbons, bells, etc
  2. Lay flat (or hang tall) and fold in half
  3. Gently lay each stem in the same direction
  4. Layer in a large Sterilite bin. I use this one because it is 3′ long and fits the garland perfectly! I can fit 20 strands of 6′ garland in this bin.

By placing your garland in a Sterilite bin, you are keeping it safe from any critters and moisture. It also helps preserve the garland’s shape longer – believe me, I definitely can attest to this after our house was struck by lightning and caught fire. All of my attic stuff was a total loss…but many of the items in my Sterilite bins was able to be salvaged!

Painted Dining Room Hutch in Dixie Belle in dried sage chalk paint with holiday garland swag

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