8 Festive Ways To Style An Antique Dough Bowl

My mom recently gifted me a circular wooden dough bowl that she bought at an antique store 50 years ago. Rather than it sit in her attic she gave it to me since I like all things old. HAHA.

When my roomie from the Haven conference that I attended in Atlanta in July, reached out to me asking if I would be interested in participating in a dough bowl challenge I was all about partaking in the fun! I knew I had to use the dough bowl my mom gave me – and I spent the next several days styling my bowl in various rooms of my house!

This is what I started with…an old, round wooden bowl!

How To Style an Antique Dough Bowl in your Kitchen

Living Room

I styled my dough bowl in two different areas of my living room. This room is pretty large – and a bit of an awkward shape {the joys of an 1886 Victorian!}

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First, I styled it on my ottoman. When my husband and I designed the furniture for our living room, we opted against a coffee table and instead made a large ottoman that acts as a coffee table.

wooden antique dough bowl styled with an artificial pine tree, pine cones, bells and wood bead garland sitting on a velvet tufted ottoman in living room

Next up I styled it on our baby grand piano with our pretty staircase behind it. Yep, I’m not ashamed to admit that our staircase is pretty!

wooden antique dough bowl with artificial greenery, ornaments and poinsettias styled for Christmas on a baby grand piano in living room with grand stair case decorated with garland, poinsettias and lights

Dining Room

Keeping with the traditional Christmas color theme; green, red, gold, I styled the dough bowl with a vintage oil lamp that I bought at an antique store, pinecones from our yard and ones that my brother-in-law just brought from his home in California, bells and artificial greenery. I love the vintage feel this gives off in our dining room!

antique dough bowl decorated with vintage oil lamp, pinecones, artificial greenery and bells sitting on dining room table


My kitchen sink. There are not enough words to describe it. It’s everything I wanted and more. Designing this kitchen was easy and hard all mixed together! I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like and what materials and colors I wanted to use…and then it was up to my husband to work his magic and create it.

We are actually still working on the kitchen remodel {I’m not sure you call it a remodel when you FULLY gut it and have it torn down to the studs, but we’ll go with that for now!} because we are still, 1 1/2 years later, waiting on appliances that we had ordered!! Gaaaaah! Because of that, we have been dragging our feet on a couple of other things that we could be getting done {aka backsplash, the cabinet doors under the sink…but you know, who really cares about those things, lol!}

Anyway, I styled the dough bowl with cute little burlap pine trees that I bought at Five Below last year and festive wood bead garland.

wooden dough bowl sitting on marble counter in kitchen with greenery and wooden beads. White drainboard sink with gold faucet is behind the antique dough bowl


We use our mudroom as our main entrance, so it’s always full of shoes, coats, hats, book bags and masks! Despite all of my best efforts to make this room extra functional and full of storage {there is a whole wall of closets that are not pictured below}, it is always a mess as it’s the drop-zone! It drives me crazy, so I figured that I would style the dough bowl with many of the items that are usually scattered around the mudroom!

Antique dough bowl sitting on a vintage wooden stool styled with hats, gloves and wooden beads.

Front Porch

Our porch is my favorite feature of our house. When I came across this house on Zillow a couple of years ago when we were moving from North Carolina to Wisconsin {who does that?!?!! haha}, I immediately fell in love with the porch! I have always always always loved homes with porches. 2 of our last 3 houses before this one all had porches – but never to this grander. Because this porch is such a prominent feature of our house, I take every chance I can get to decorate it!

front porch styled for Christmas with red glass lantern, bench and dough bowl, greenery, pinecones, birch logs and lights!

Truth be told, I started out a little more rustic and used a red birdhouse that was left at our very first house that we owned in Georgia. I have carted that birdhouse to 3 more houses in 3 more states! It’s missing the topper piece it used to have, but it’s still special and reminds me of being a fresh college grad who got married, moved 1,000 miles away from home and bought a house!

I set it next to an old Coleman gas lamp that used to be my parents back in the 1970/80s. *pack rat!

antique dough bowl styled with pinecones, birch logs, wood bead garland sitting on green stool next to a vintage Coleman gas lamp and red birdhouse

Designer’s Choice

As part of the challenge I did with someone of my blogging friends, we had a Designer’s Choice day…and I decided to style the dough bowl in my kitchen again. This time with freshly made banana chocolate chip muffins that I had just made!

antique dough bowl styled with red towel, banana chocolate chip muffins, vintage rolling pin, wood bead garland, artificial greenery sitting on white drainboard kitchen sink with gold faucet

More Dough Bowl Styling Ideas!

dough bowl challenge 2021

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  1. Wow, I wonder how old your bowl is? What a treasure to have! I loved all of the cute ways you styled your bowl!

  2. That round dough bowl is amazing! After seeing how beautiful it is and styled, I am going to be on the hunt for one at vintage markets. It is amazing and a great gift to receive from your mother.

  3. Sue at Blu says:

    Stephanie, I have greater appreciation for round dough bowls after using mine for this challenge! Love your decor!

  4. Stephanie, I enjoyed your blog post so much! My favorite is your baking muffin helper! It’s so wonderful your mom gave you such a lovely treasure! Susan

  5. Linda Johnston says:

    Stephanie, your dough bowl looks are wonderful!

  6. Crystal Ratzlaff says:

    Stephanie you truly have a gift for styling and photography! I loved all of the ways you decorated with the dough bowl!!!

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