Drop Cloth Stockings

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I’ve mentioned before that we have 18 22-gallon bins of Christmas decorations that I have found thus far. Apparently we have more Christmas bins hiding someplace (probably sitting alongside every.single.one of our winter coats…hmm) because no where did I find our stockings. And there’s a lot of them so it would be hard to miss. Each dog has their own, each kid, and each adult. I did however, find 5 of the decoration ones!

Although I can’t find the individual ones (and refuse to search because lets just face it, 18 bins already is enough indoor decorations! I’ll find them some other year! haha) I had a random craft idea late one night…make my own stockings out of a drop cloth. I’m totally digging the canvas, sandy color right now (maybe because it fits our downstairs really well). Plus, I do like things to match and look-alike to some degree. (I stole the drop cloth from the garage!)

Sooo, without further ado here’s what they look like! (sorry it was waaay too late at night when I made these to take pictures!)

(yeah they need to be ironed still…)

My Stocking: Trimmed with fabric lace and a snowflake ornament

Lover Boy’s Stocking: Trimmed with ruffled burlap and decorative holly

Little Finch’s Stocking: Trimmed with two pieces of fabric lace and a leaf ornament

Laughing Coyote’s Stocking: Trimmed with darker frayed burlap and decorative holly

I love love love them! They all “match”but are very different at the same time! I think they look great hanging on our stairway wall on the board and batten shelf!

p.s. I lined all of them with fabric I had in my fabric scrap box, the boys match and the girls match).


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  1. Will you sew your names on them?

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