Trick-Or-Treating; Victorian Style

Trick-Or-Treating in our new town is quite the ordeal…especially on our street. There are many Victorian homes with a beautiful tree lined yards, so it’s a pretty place to come. With that said, I had to partake in the fun and dress accordingly to my house!

When we first moved into our house, we were left a few photos by the previous owners, one of them was a photo of Trick-Or-Treating. The sidewalk leading up to our house was full of kids waiting in line for their candy. It looked like a magical time. So as one would expect, I was super looking forward to Halloween at our house…and then the fire happened.

Even though we aren’t living at our house right now due to the fire, I wasn’t about to let that ruin my fun. So I dressed up as a Victorian lady, styled after the ladies who used to live at my house. In some ways it’s odd to think that we are the 13th owners (not all of the previous owners lived at our house, but that’s a post for another time) and that we are living inside walls that other families lived within – in a totally different period of time, a time that seems so foreign to us. Yet, the house still stands and remains (despite everything that has been thrown its way, lol!) So dressing up as someone from the past only seemed right!

Everything that we were told about Trick-Or-Treating on our street was true! The kids were coming like droves. It was honestly such a fun time!

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The streets were lined … and they just kept coming!

My super sweet neighbor sent me these pictures from her house across the street.

Once I ran out of candy, about 1.5 hours into the 2 hour Trick-Or-Treating time span, I went inside and warmed up by the heater that the restoration company has brought in to keep the house slightly warm when the temperatures fall below freezing at night. (there is still no power in the house, hence no heat!)

And then…while I waited for my hubby and kiddos to come home, I absolutely took way too many selfies inside our torn apart house while I was still in my Victorian costume!

That evening, my North Carolina BFF sent me a black and white so I could really fit in with the time period! HA! I am almost certain that a burnt plastic Mickey Mouse pumpkin (I figured I would pitch it after Halloween!) and a chevron painted pumpkin would have absolutely been in the 1886 decor!

Wishing you all the happiest of Trick-Or-Treating!

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