Repurposed Coat Hook Hanger

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In an effort to switch things up from blueberries I thought I’d do a quick post about my new broom, etc holder.

A couple of weeks ago I went to an estate sale that was hosted by the awesome Estate Liquidators of South Carolina clan. These guys rock! If you are in the SC area, I encourage you to attend one of their sales simply because you will have a great time! (and not to mention eat really yummy cookies!)

Like it?

I bought this for $5 but really wasn’t sure what to do with it. We have coat closets so I didn’t need to hang coats on it. But I really liked it. I’m always drawn to fleur-de-lis. They were mine and Lover Boy’s high school mascot which makes me feel 16 again and giddy in puppy love. It also reminds me of Cross Country and Track where I learned so many valuable life lessons.

I have it hanging inside of our garbage closet (well that’s what I call it at least. We have this large closet that’s in the kitchen and I keep our garbage cans and such junk in there). The wall that I wanted it to hang on has a phone jack but since we don’t have any services that require its use I didn’t care if I covered it up).

Here it is from a distance

Great alternative to the average coat hook

I think it’s a fashionable way to hang such ugly things! What do you think?!?

Who wants some more blueberry posts?! 😉


*Little Sparrow 


  1. Love this idea. It makes ordinary boring things look great! I have to try this. I think it would making getting to my brooms, etc so much easier!
    Thanks for sharing – found this at Remodelaholic!

  2. L'Heure Bleue At Home says:

    Great idea! It’s practical and decorative.

  3. Brooke @ Inside-Out Design says:

    That’s a great idea! It’s so much more decorative than the normal mop and broom holders. Very creative!

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