Personalized Hanging Bow Holder

This weekend we helped celebrate our next door neighbor’s 1st birthday! Rather than gift her with the typical toys and clothes I decided to put my “creative hat” on and came up with this personalized hanging bow holder!

It all started out as a plain piece of wood! (those are my pencil marks)
And then my partner in crime helped me paint!

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Filled with the hair bows that I also made!
A closer look at the bows. I made them to be interchangeable to go on a headband














































I was really happy with the way it turned out! I was told that I should start selling these…so who wants one?!?! 😉


  1. This is so cute. I love the font of the letters. Nice Job, You have a little artist there.

  2. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Love the harlequin-esque pattern on the background. Very pretty! Lots of nice storage…we have our fair share of bows!

    Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. 🙂 Have fun finding some new reads, and I hope you’ll stop by to visit Serenity Now again soon. 🙂

  3. ADORABLE! I absolutely LOVE it! Now I want to go make my own. And, YES, you should definitely sell these :O).

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I had a lot of fun making it…now I need to make one for my own daughter! 🙂

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