Psoriatic Arthritis Testimony: Fluid Weight Loss

My heart was so overjoyed when I received these texts messages today from someone I just began working with on her Psoriatic Arthritis. Just by switching her vitamins and drinking a protein shake she has been able to get ride of almost 10 pounds of fluid caused by her arthritis in just 4 days!

Her Regimen_ Women's Vitalier &-4


See how the vitamins in the Vitalizer strip break down in the body – in all of the correct places

vitalizer break down

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The Optiflora Probiotic is part of the Vitalizer strip and is patented to Shaklee and guarantees the delivery of the good flora arriving where it should!!

Vitalizing Protein Smoothie – 23 grams of non-GMO protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, and antioxidant and omega-3 support

vitalizing protein

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vitazlier & protein

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