Salt Crusted Steak with Melted Butter and Fresh Garlic

I may or may not have “planned out Easter dinner very well”. I also may or my not have decided I wasn’t going to make a huge meal where I was a slave in the kitchen all day. I may or may not have bought a roast to be lazy. I may or may not have left that roast in the freezer until after church on Easter day. I may or may not have had to swing by the grocery store to pick up Easter Dinner on our way home from church.


I could just admit I screwed up but…maybe it was my secret plan all along to have the dinner that we did. So I won’t commit to anything 🙂

Anyway…here is what I ended up making for dinner. Lover Boy made this steak for my birthday yeeeeears ago with crumbled blue cheese and pasta – OMG it was amazing! I just made the steaks and paired it with several veggies.

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Let me show you how to make it!


I had the butcher cut these steaks for me – pretty much any kind will work. Whatever is your preference.


Cover them with tons of fresh cracked sea salt and a little bit of garlic powder


Grill them to your preferred doneness. (I must have gotten busy and forgot to take a picture!) Once you remove them from the grill add a big ol’ slab of stick butter

steak5Then grate 1-2 cloves of garlic per steak overtop the butter


And there you have it! Absolute deliciousness!!



Enjoy! You won’t even need A1 sauce for these steaks! They are that good!

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