Headaches and Migraines

Each time I was pregnant I would get killer migraines (and never really had headaches before then). With my first child, they were SO bad that I actually had to have the vicodin prescription (I know! Insert Oh.my.freaking.gosh!!) (However, I only took it when absolutely necessary).  In my 3rd trimester I actually had to be admitted to the hospital because of my headache was so severe. While there, they gave me a shot in my back/butt area (I can’t remember what it was called, but it was a pain killer…thinking it started with an R???)

I was also extremely sensitive to any kind of light. In fact, every.single.day after work (if I even made it to work, because I was soooo sick the entire pregnancy) I would come home and lay on the couch and try to sleep. Our family room had a balcony above it – one night I was laying on the couch, with all of the lights off, etc. It was pitch black. Lover Boy had gone upstairs and for some reason and had the screen on his cell phone light on and pointed it downstairs in my direction. Literally it was like burning a hole in my eyeballs! Even though he was far away (on a whole different floor of our house), just the dim light from his cell phone was killing me. I tell you this so you can understand better when I say I was EXTREMELY sensitive to light.

I also had to take both Zofran and Fenergen 2 times per day for my extreme nausea (it was worse with my daughter, the boys were still reallllly bad, but not quite as horrible as with my daughter). Both of these nausea medications cause headaches. But I literally needed them because I threw up so many times (I even had to have IVs because I was so dehydrated and lost weight from throwing up so badly with my first two pregnancies).

Since having all 3 of my kids now, I find that I do get headaches way more often (maybe because I’m crazy and had 3 kids aged 4 and under) – Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to try and eat completely gluten free for one week and see if it helped with my headaches, and sure enough it did! I didn’t get any headaches that week…in fact I didn’t get any until I had pizza the following week (and then 3 more times in the upcoming weeks, each time as a result of eating gluten).

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I happened to have the TV on while I was paining a few weeks ago and the 700 Club was on featuring, Suzy Cohen, author of Headache Free, Relieve Migraine, Tension, Cluster, Menstrual and Lyme Headaches. I watched the whole program and was shaking my head like “yep!”, “yay, that causes it”, “wow, didn’t know that one!” the entire time.

Here is Suzy’s list of what she calls ‘Migrenades’ (aka migraine/headache triggers):

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.38.04 AM

I am guilty of over half of these!! It’s no wonder I get headaches a lot! I’m going to be really be conscious of what I do and eat every day to see if I can pinpoint any more headaches from coming as well as preventing them in the future…because they suck!!


This post correlates with my A-Z Blogging Challenge:

A is for ADD / ADHD

B is for Breastfeeding

C is for Cleaners ***ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!!!

D is for Diabetes & Obesity

E is for Eczema

F is for Fertility

G is for Growing Pains

H is for Headaches and Migraines

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  1. Tara Tyler Robinson (@taratylertalks) says:

    most of the things on that list should be eliminated from our lives, anyway!
    i hope your headaches subside, but i know my body & mind has changed for the worse since pregnancy… i guess that’s life.
    i need to send my mom this list, she gets headaches frequently too. thanks!
    nice to meet you thru a to z!

  2. Kristin Smith says:

    Amen to the anxiety and stress one! I didn’t realize that so many of those ingredients in foods were headache triggers.

    I also didn’t realize you were so sick with your first pregnancy! That is the worst! Maybe you had too much female hormone running through your system. Lol. Glad to know your headaches have gotten better–just stay away from that gluten! 🙂

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