Shaklee New Directors Conference

Shaklee New Directors Conference – Because of my Shaklee business and AMAZING team I was able to earn an all expenses paid trip to California!! We were treated like royalty while there and had the times of our lives!

Shaklee New Directors Conference


We had to fly across the entire country!! North Carolina to California!! NDC19

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Day 1

This was the view from our hotel room in Pleasanton, CA. I loved waking up to the beautiful mountains and low clouds every morning!


For our first night there we had a Meet & Greet with all of the other Shaklee business leaders that earned the trip! Katie Odom, my amazing upline, and friend since elementary school, had earned the trip the year before but because she was due any day with her 2nd child Shaklee allowed her to postpone the trip…so it was so much fun being there with her and her husband Sam this year!!


We were then put into teams and had to come up with a team name and a list of things we had in common…as you can see we had a great group!! #TeamTealersToTheTop!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 1.29.51 AM

We were only supposed to send one person up to share our list with the whole group but…we were a “team” and decided to do it together!

Then the unthinkable happened…my husband, the guy is who typically very shy, took the microphone and rapped a song he wrote!!…Seriously I was like “what the heck is going on right now?!?!” Funny part is, he doesn’t even listen to rap music!

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 1.27.58 AM

You seriously need to watch this video…

He was a hit! Everyone loved it! 🙂 Oy vey!

When we got back to our rooms that night there were gifts waiting for us! How awesome is that?!?


Day 2:

The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then were driven to Shaklee Headquarters. We were welcomed by a red carpet, video crews and the entire Shaklee home office staff cheering for us!! It was so empowering feeling!

YouTube video




Roger Barnett and his son sat with us! Right next to Clayton!! Talk about star struck! 🙂 Roger’s son, Spencer, sang and played his guitar for all of us – it was so moving. I kid you not when I say Clayton and I had tears in our eyes listening to him. He is extremely talented. Such a great kid! (I recorded his performance and sent it to my team and they all agreed it was so good!)


Just call me Mrs. Shaklee from now on 🙂


All of the trip qualifiers and their guests.


We got to go on a tour of Shaklee’s Home Office – the building is completely environmentally friendly and made of sustainable materials. The walls were dyed, the marble-look alike floors are actually made of concrete, and so much more! Shaklee truly is committed to being green!


We then were escorted to Shaklee’s BRAND new Innovation Center for an interactive tour!- this is where all of the scientists work. We walked around with the scientists and they showed us all of the research and design that they do for Shaklee’s products to ensure that they are the safest, more pure products out there! This was definitely a highlight of the trip!!NDC23

Celebration Dinner at Palm Event Center Vineyards

For dinner our 2nd night we went to the Palm Event Center Vineyards. A gorgeous building that was actually used as a warehouse back during the prohibition days nestled in amongst the grapevines.




My beautiful, most caring and beyond genius smart Master Coordinator, Barb Lagoni! NDC16

Day 3:

Barb was flown in by Shaklee to share with everyone about team building. She had asked me to share my personal testimony about what attracted me to their team as well as what I’ve done with my business to grow my own team. I am so proud of my hardworking team, Green Legacies, that I was excited to share about them to a room of people much much more successful than myself.


For the last couple of months I have had the privilege of being apart of the #ShakleeMoms group – an amazing group put together by Shaklee!

Before lunch, all of us #ShakleeMoms that qualified for the New Directors Conference, received text messages to meet in one of the meeting rooms. When we got there we were greeted with more goodies!! AND…the best surprise of all…Roger Barnett! Literally the room screamed like little kids seeing Santa Claus walk into the room. Roger is so invested in our group. He wanted to have lunch with us and ask us questions and listen to us! See what we think works well, what needs improvement, what Shaklee can provide us, etc. It was really awesome to be sitting at the same table with the owner of Shaklee and have him ask us what we think!! That really is a huge testament to how great Shaklee really is!NDC22NDC24

Shaklee Moms Group1

Campo di Bocce Dinner

That night we had dinner at Campo di Bocce – the food was outstanding and there were indoor & outdoor bocce courts. So fun!



We had an absolutely amazing time. I am so blessed to have earned this trip. I worked hard, but it was worth every minute I invested in my business. This trip to California was way more than just a reward. It was life changing. The people we met and the stories we heard will stick with us forever. Plus the time away from our kids allowed for us to focus on just us! We have never taken a trip (heck, we never even go out on date nights!!) without our kids. We would have never been able to justify spending the money on something like this just for “us” – so let me just tell you… this trip was great for our marriage and I’m so THANKFUL for Shaklee! We both realized that we have to get out more often!! 🙂

But, by the end of the 8th day (see below) it was good to be home with our babies… 🙂

NDC27 family pic1

Since our airfare was covered by Shaklee (and all of our expenses while being there from Wednesday-Saturday) we had extended our trip at the beginning. You can read all about it here:

California Day 1 – Drive down the Pacific Coast on Highway 1 to Big Sur

California Day 2 – Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove

California Day 3 – Yosemite’s Clouds Rest Hike (10,000 foot summit!)

California Day 4 – Yosemite’s Vernal & Nevada Falls, John Muir Trail & Mirror Lake

**I’m still working on writing the blog posts for the rest of the days…these days include San Francisco and more Yosemite National Park!!


If you would like to learn more about how you could earn this trip for yourself please join my team!! We are a group of Moms and Dads from all over the country trying to create a healthier and happier future for our families and communities! 

Team Photo


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