3 Easy DIY Outdoor Wood Projects You Can Build In 1 Day

Beginner level building projects for the new craftsman! Build raised planter boxes, garden bed and flag posts.

Begin transforming your outdoor space with these three easy projects that will spruce up your curb appeal and make your gardening easier. These projects are not only easy, they don’t require any expensive tools! You can change the look of these wooden projects by painting them with outdoor paint or by staining them. The possibilities are endless!

Be sure to stick around to the end of this post to see what tools I recommend for all of these projects!

3 Easy DIY Outdoor Wood Projects You Can Build In 1 Day | Gathered In The Kitchen

I love when the weather turns and you can get outside and start sprucing up your yard! I think that the outside of your house should be just as pretty and functional as the inside. It’s a step by step process but we are slowly but surely making house #3 our home!

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Here are some of my favorite outdoor creations I’ve built that really spruce up the place!

01 | Flag Holder Post

Create an inviting space at the end of your driveway or by your sidewalk with this adorable wooden flag holder! Change out your flag for every holiday and season! This flag holder is super easy to create and adds personalized curb appeal!

The wood can be purchased from your local hardware store, and you can purchase the metal flag holder from Amazon.

DIY Flag Holder Post

02 | Raised Garden Bed

Why not make gardening just a little bit easier? These raised garden beds not only save your back from having to bend over so far, they also help keep the weeds from creeping in!

For these raised garden beds, I suggest using cedar, a naturally rot resistant wood and a much safer option than using treated wood for gardening purposes. By using cedar, the life of the raised beds is prolonged.

DIY Raised Garden Bed

03 | Raised Planter Boxes with Legs

There’s nothing better than adding some pretty curb appeal to the outside of your home with colorful flowers! Plant the flowers inside this easy-to-build raised planter box with legs. If you change your mind on where you want the planter boxes to sit, simply pick them up and move them around!

Easy projects like this truly spruce up your curb appeal with minimal effort!

$12 DIY Planter Box - spruce up your curb appeal with easy outdoor gardening planter boxes

Tools Needed

  • powered drill – you will need a powered drill with a Phillips screw tip bit to screw in the screws. I suggest using a cordless compact drill
  • drill bits – these come in various sizes, I suggest buying a set with different drill bit sizes so you’re always prepared to drill a hole of any size when the time arises
  • circular saw or miter saw – a handheld circular saw is a great option for beginning woodworkers. It is easy to use and easily transported. Pro tip: buy the same brand cordless power tools that have interchangeable batteries! This is why I love Dewalt, I can use the same battery on every single one of my cordless Dewalt power tools! However, for the more skilled woodworker with a larger budget, I highly suggest purchasing a miter saw. You will always get clean cuts and in my opinion, is much easier to use than a handheld circular saw
  • Kreg jig – the tool every beginner woodworker needs! the Kreg jig tool allows you to join pieces of wood together, securely, by first drilling a hole with their drill bit and then using square-head screws to attach the pieces of wood together. Attaching wood together this was is often referred to as pocket-holes. This is a must-have tool to creating sturdy, reliable pieces of wood furniture, outdoor pieces and more!

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