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Happy June Friends!

We are about to enter our last week of school and then it will officially be summer break! I’m so excited!

My daughter is about to graduate 8th grade (excuse me while I go cry), but I’m so thankful for the time we get to spend over the summer as a family – even if we end up driving each other crazy! The time is limited, and I cherish it completely.

The end of the school year is always very busy because baseball starts up for both of my boys, my daughter has horse shows and I volunteer to chaperone every field trip there is (😬) – I may or may not question those decisions each time, hahaha!

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Horse Life

My daughter recently kicked off the show season with Awesome Ekati (aka Stuart). Look at this beautiful pair completing their dressage test. She’s gorgeous and he’s wildly handsome!

There are still (lots) of days that I can’t believe we own a horse still. My wallet hurts. But, he’s precious and he and my daughter are really starting to form a bond of trust and workmanship together.

My daughter amazes me in so many ways, more ways than I give her credit for – especially with this huge guy! (p.s. Stuart is 16.3 hands…so just at the spot where my daughter holds her hands in these above photos = 5’4″!!! That’s taller than me!!) He’s a beast, but she’s incredible and truly has a gift and talent (and huge love) for these majestic creatures!

And then to watch them compete in a cross country & stadium combined event…I’ll just say this mama’s heart was racing as fast as Stuart and I’m surprised I was even able to get any decent pics. He had a few moments of remembering he is a retired racehorse!

As you can see, he clearly has no problem clearing the jumps…or looking like the most adorable ‘My Little Pony’ doing so! 😂 He’s such a character. Jumping is absolutely his favorite thing to do – and it’s my daughter’s! So they have a blast together on the course!

In essence, a LOT of time is spent at the farm each and every day.

Besides horse (next coffee chat, I’ll share about baseball!!) I’ve been busy creating weekly cooking videos for a large company! Oddly, (I’m not sure why …😉), I’m so behind and haven’t even shared any of these recipes on this ol’ blog! I’ll work on that over the next couple of weeks!

New This Week On The Blog…Check Out These Posts!

I actually published a lot of new content recently! I’ve been a busy little worker bee! I’ve been doing a lot of work outside to our exterior looking better as the warmer months approach! Winter in Wisconsin is rough on houses, especially old ones, so there’s always a lot to do in the spring.

Thank You

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along with me on this journey of life and reading my content (and all of my typos because I hate proof-reading). I genuinely appreciate it! Gathered In The Kitchen is officially 12.5 years old this month! Thanks for all of the support!

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  1. Twelve and a half years!! Woo hoo, I’m amazed. That’s a lot of blogging, here’s to twelve and half more!!

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