Top 10 Recipes and DIY Projects for August 2021

Hi friends!

I can’t believe that August is ending and we are about to enter September…in my world, fall begins the day after Labor Day, and is officially my favorite time of year. Before getting too excited for the next “season” to come, I love looking back and seeing where we were, what we accomplished and what we have to work on.

Unfortunately, we still have a zillion house projects to work on – but I’m confident that before fall really settles in, we are going to have several of them done (or else, I’m sending out an S.O.S. because I’m just done!!! lol). I also love to look back on what you all found interesting in the past month.

While I’m absolutely not an analytical person (well, for the boring stuff that is), I actually took the time to look back over which blog posts were all of your favorites in August. So…without further ado, here they are! I’m actually super shocked by # 10, 2, and 1!! These are totally new to the list of reader’s favorites, and that makes me so happy!! Tell me in the comments, which one of these projects/recipes was your favorite!

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In the #10 spot we have…

Blueberry Breakfast Bundt Cake. This breakfast cake is definitely not one that should only be made for breakfast…it’s perfect any time of day! I made it for my daughter’s birthday party and all of the girls loved it!

Lemon Blueberry Bundt Breakfast Cake with icing

DIY Rubbed Gold Thrift Store Lamp Makeover Rub ‘n Buff Tutorial Oh this thrift store lamp has been a huge hit since the day I published it! … and it’s the lamp that keeps on finding a new home in my home! I wish I could clone it, it just looks good everywhere!

Thrift store brass lamp makeover!

DIY Rag Wreath Tutorial – Beginner Level Project & Costs Under $10 If you’re new to crafting, or feel that you don’t have the knowledge or skills to create a big “hard looking wreath”, then this one is for you! If you can tie your shoes, you can surely make this wreath! It’s one of my favorite types of wreaths to make! Change up the colors for any holiday or season!

DIY Rag Wreath Tutorial - Beginner Level & Under $10

What Is Rub ‘n Buff? | How To Use & Color Options Ever find the perfect decor item at a store but it’s in the wrong color? ie: it’s silver and you wanted gold? Friend, this trick I have to share is going to change your life and the way you view EVERYTHING!!

Rub 'n Buff 12 metallic colors on spoons

How To Make A Curly Deco Mesh Wreath Ready for the next level up in your wreath making endeavors? These curly deco mesh wreaths are about as easy to make as the Rag Wreaths above, but has a totally different look! … let’s put it this way, if you can roll toilet paper back on a roll after a kiddo has a field day with it, you can make this type of wreath! I promise!

How to make curly deco mesh wreaths

20 Best DIY Couples Halloween Costumes That Can Be Worn in Front of Kids Halloween is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about the costume you will wear…but not all costumes are appropriate for in front of kids. These are my all-time favorite costumes for adults!

20 Best DIY Couples Halloween Costumes That Can Be Worn in Front of Kids

Dollar Tree Witch Hat Wreath You guys love wreaths as much as me I guess! Another super easy wreath to make from Dollar Tree supplies. If you can make the Deco Mesh wreath, you’ve got this one in the bank! Happy crafting!

DIY Barn Door Under $10 in 30 Minutes This barn door post is one of my most viewed posts of all-time, with over 1 million views, this barn door will always be my most favorite DIY … for obvious reasons! Plus, you guys, it’s ridiculously easy to make!

DIY Barn Door Under $10 in 30 Minutes - easy weekend project for the beginner! Get that farmhouse look you love!

How To Care For and Propagate Indoor Pothos Plants I had always been a killer of indoor plants…until this desperate clearance plant made it into my life. The rest has been history!

stephanie bruce from gathered in the kitchen at kitchen sink caring for plants

and the number 1 post of August 2021 was…

Morning Glory Muffins This was a new recipe to the blog this month, and boy did you guys love it!…and I’m so happy that you did! These muffins have everything but the kitchen sink in them and are delicious! Definitely a worth-while recipe to try out!

Morning Glory Muffin Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

And there we have it friends! The top 10 posts of August from Gathered In The Kitchen readers! Here’s to wishing you a very happy September 1st tomorrow! I’ll be sitting around eating bon-bons watching Hallmark movies as I enjoy the first day of my kiddos back in school! HAHAHAHA! … isn’t this what every stay at home mom does all day? (insert snorting laugh!)

Thanks for always being there to read my content friends!!

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