Dollar Tree Witch Hat Wreath

Create this fun Witch Hat wreath using supplies all purchased at Dollar Tree!

Who doesn’t love a fun and cheap DIY?!?!? I know I certainly do!

I was shopping at my local Dollar Tree one day when I came across a wire wreath form in the shape of a hat and knew I HAD to buy it! (p.s. a few wise words to my fellow crafters – if you see a craft item at Dollar Tree, just buy it! If you pass it up and come back for it later, it will likely be gone! Crafters flock to Dollar Tree because they have amazing craft supplies on the cheap!)

So, run quickly to your local Dollar Tree to grab these supplies and come back to make this wreath with me!

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Dollar Tree Witch Hat Wreath | Gathered In The Kitchen

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.


All supplies were purchased at my local Dollar Tree. I have included Amazon links in case you cannot find the items at your local store.

1 witch hat wire wreath form

2 rolls decorative mesh, black

1 roll decorative mesh, orange

1 roll decorative mesh, purple

1 package decorative mesh tube

1 package pipe cleaners

2 rolls wire-edged ribbon, 2.5″ wide

1 decorative spider

Let’s Make It Together!

I learn best by watching others. I’m such a visual person! So, I made this Dollar Tree Witch Hat wreath live on Facebook (join my DIY & Craft Inspiration and Support Facebook page!!) to help walk you through each step of the process!

Be sure to also check out my 12 Days of DIY Fall Crafts series! I am sharing lots of Dollar Tree crafts…that you would never know were Dollar Tree!

YouTube video

Isn’t this wreath so cute and easy?!?! I’d love to know, would you make it?

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  1. Rene's waltz says:

    I love it I actually picked a couple of those up but had no idea how to make it!!!!! Love making wreaths tho..

  2. Your tutorial is very helpful! Thank you for the detailed information on how to make the witch’s hat wreath! I just bought the supplies and plan to make my own variation!

  3. Love, made my first deco mesh wreath two years ago for Halloween and loved it, will definitely make a run to Dollar Tree this weekend for the supplies for this hat.

  4. Vicky Terry says:

    Watching from Louisiana

  5. So cute! How many bows did you end up with at the end? Thinking about offering this as our Family Craft Night activity at the public library but I want to make sure I send home enough supplies for each family. Thank you!

  6. Just completed this wreath and I’m amazed at how it turned out. I am not very crafty and this was easy to follow and understand as a novice crafter! Now I just have to figure out how to hang it without messing it up! Any ideas?

    1. That’s awesome Heather! Thanks for sharing! I think I either used a pipe cleaner or a baggie tie (you know the kind that sometimes comes with garbage bags)…I made a loop on the back and hung it up. It’s a bit tricky, but if you “bend” the loop out away from the wreath itself (like towards the door hook) it’s a tad easier to get it to hook on.

  7. Loved it helped me a lot

  8. Sue at Blu says:

    Stephanie this is adorable! What a nice change from a traditional wreath. and those colors!!’

  9. Carol@Blueskyathome says:

    This is a very cute Halloween project, Stephanie. I love any Dollar Tree project.

  10. I really love it!!! Great job

  11. I just finished making the witch hat wreath ! I love it ! Thank you for making it so easy to follow !

    1. Yay Diana! This makes me so happy! So glad the tutorial was helpful!

  12. We made this hat this weekend and loved it but found that certain $ trees have different meshes some have a tighter weave than others… We had some difficulty wrapping tightly (wonky weave) and also had some problem making a loop to hang it so mesh didn’t slide up. We also found witch socks and shoes to attach at the bottom… Your video was great I actually marked a view reference times so I could go back to that section and review just a specific part… Also how many little pick bundles did you end up making??

    1. Thanks so much Mo! Ahh, good to know about the different meshes at different stores! Thanks for letting me know!

      To be truthful, I have no idea how many picks I made…only because I was filming it and blabbing the whole time! So sorry! But I know it was a good amount!

  13. Phyllis G Jackson says:

    Just watched you making witch hat wreath. Really enjoyed it. So simple and easy to follow you. You are great at instructions. Sorry about your house. Prayers for everything to be back as you wish. Will be making the witch hat tomorrow and hopefully more of your designs
    Also im in SC..

    1. Hi Phyllis! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yay for SC!!

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