Coffee Chat #1

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I’ve recently been thinking about how long I’ve been a stay at home mom. Can any one take a guess?

I’ve been home for 11 years now. Ya’ll, that’s a long time! I love being home {most days} and actually have no desire to go back to work, simply because I enjoy the flexibility I have from being home – I’m always there for my kids. In fact, because I’m home, we elected to have our kids go virtual for part of this school year.

However, as much as I really do love being home, I really do miss my “old people”, my residents at the long-term care facilities I used to work at. I’m a Recreational Therapist by degree and I had the most amazing time working. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you that I loved working with the elderly population – as I love everything old.

One of my most favorite things I looked forward to on a daily basis was a program I put together called “Coffee Chat”. We met daily at 3:00pm and would sit and talk over multiple cups of coffee {and several packets of powdered creamer and sugar for me! lol}. Prior to this, I had never liked coffee, but I learned to love it because sitting with my residents, chatting about all of their old memories, life experiences, adventures, families, and vice-versa, was the highlight of my day and I never wanted it to end. I can honestly say, that my years spent as a Recreational Therapist in Georgia were some of my happiest days. To say that I literally LOVED what I did is an understatement, it added so much purpose and joy to my life.

I always dreamed of being a stay at home mom…way before I ever was a mom, and when the time came for me to quit to stay home with our daughter, it was an easy, no-brainer decision for me, but it also hurt my heart because I really was going to miss my residents. I often went back to visit them with my growing family, and although almost all of them have now passed on, I still think of them often.

In an effort to feel more connected, to add a little more joy to my life, I’m starting a new series on Gathered In The Kitchen called Coffee Chat! I plan to share the highlights of my week, adventures I’ve taken, struggles I’ve dealt with and things I’m loving every Friday. Of course, I’m sure life will get in the way sometimes and I will miss a Friday here and there, but I’m really looking forward to adding this to the blog.

I really miss people. I really miss life being “normal”. I miss getting together with friends and going out to eat. I miss my friends I had to leave behind in all of the states we’ve moved away from.

My hope is that you will all join in with me on the conversations and share with me what’s going on in your lives, like friends sharing over a cup of coffee!

Coffee Chat with Stephanie

So grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or hey, chocolate milk and let’s chat!

I finally got my hair cut today – it has been since quarantine that I’ve gotten my hair cut. So, like all things that important in life, I thought I would let the world decide on my next “do”. ? My top hairstyles that you all liked were these lovely styles…


For someone who is beyond “hair boring”, this was hilarious to me! True confession: I don’t even own a hairbrush! You guys, I have the straightest hair ever, I don’t need to brush it. Knock on wood, have not found any gray hairs yet at 37 {please Jesus let me have my dad and grandma’s genes!!!) so I do not dye, color or highlight (whatever you call it!) my hair. My hair is au naturel and I’m totally good with that – and am so very thankful! … although, I swear I’m balding in my old age! My hair has definitely thinned since my younger years.

A fresh cut with some simple layers was just what I needed! Ahh, I had gotten dressed, yes, I actually changed out of my black stretchy pants and favorite sweatshirt, to go get my hair cut. It literally felt amazing! With a new hair cut and new tires on my minivan…I was ready to conquer the world! …or you know, Target!

HA! Literally, this is the extent of fun in my life lately…Target runs where I snag Dollar Spot items for my mantle! ? ?

Well, I guess I should take that back…that’s not all of the excitement I’ve been having. I’ve been bing watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix, when I’m not too tired and fall asleep by 9pm! lol – or when my hubby is sleeping because he doesn’t want to “watch that crap”…hahahaha!

Guys, I loved Dawson’s Creek in high school. I didn’t watch it every week, nor do I remember most of the stuff that’s happening in it, nor do I understand half of the “big” words they use, but I very vividly remember the previews for Dawson’s Creek before it came out and I was so excited! I had never watched a TV show before, I’m not really a TV watcher, but this show was so up my “going into high school alley” that I was hooked before it even aired! I’m a totally sucker for young, high school love – heck, I married the guy I dated when I was 16! There’s something so innocent and grown up all at the same time. It’s bringing back all of those great memories and heart aches that everyone should experience in high school.

Well…before you need a coffee refill, I’ll wrap this up! I’ve enjoyed writing about random life happenings in our very first Coffee Chat! I already can’t wait until next weeks chat!

Be well my friends. Be kind to each other and yourself!


  1. Thanks I read this while having my morning coffee.
    A nice rambling conversation is good with coffee.
    Be safe

    1. Thanks!!! Welcome to Coffee Chat! …and yes, I agree! Rambling conversations are my favorite! “See” you next Friday!

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