New Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors can be really difficult and agonizing! I’ve spent many hours looking at paint chips, testing out colors and then repainting rooms because I didn’t end up liking how it looked. However, I’ve finally found great, neutral colors from Benjamin Moore, check them out!

If you happen to follow me on Facebook you know that Lover Boy and I have been working on renovating our kitchen. Unfortunately his Christmas Break from his MBA classes are over so things are progressing verrrrry slowly in there right now (booo!!!) Most of the stuff left to complete are really out of my league to do alone. So, since I have the need to be constantly busy (one of the reasons I wanted this house) I am fulfilling my desires by painting all of the main living areas!

Here are the colors we’ve chosen! They are all Benjamin Moore (I have an obsession with them – I actually took of their paint chip cards and created my very own fan decks a long time ago!)

paint colors

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Since this is our 3rd house, we’ve done LOTS of painting! We tend to stay with safe, neutral colors…but this time we’re branching out and being a little more “daring” šŸ™‚ since we plan on staying here a while!

I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of the progress I’ve made in the Dining Room and Family Room!

**UPDATE: Pictures HERE** 

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