Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

How to decorate a modern bathroom with a vintage and farmhouse flair! Humorous wooden bathroom signs, wooden shelving, artificial plants and antique finds make for the perfect farmhouse bathroom decor!

Welcome back friends! Thanks for joining in on the journey of the little half bath that could! So far I’ve covered:

Today I’ll be sharing all of the details of my decor items! I’ve been so excited to have received so many questions about them!

half bath before and after

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Humorous Wooden Bathroom Signs

I received so many emails and comments asking where my signs were from! Well guys…I made them! However, I bought the designs (SVGs) and have linked them below so you can make your own as well!

DIY humorous wooden bathroom signs.

Fresh Soap & Water sign
Get Naked, Just Kidding sign
Wash Your Hands You Filthy Animal sign
Wash Your Hands Seriously Don’t Be Gross sign

Artificial Plants

artificial ikea plants

Ya’ll!!! I love artificial plants as decor! I’m not very good at keeping real plants alive…plus, I don’t like adding to my already busy daily “to-do” list, so, fake for the win! I have so many of these little guys scattered around my house! But…the way I make them even cuter, is by hot gluing jute twine to them! I share where all of my favorite artificial plants are from here!

Vintage Books

vintage green books sitting on a wooden shelf

I have stacked books all throughout my house…but these green ones, “The Bobbsey Twins” books are my all-time favorite. They were gifted to me from my BFF right before we moved away from North Carolina. I love them! I love that they are green {my fav color!…besides purple, but that’s hard to decorate with} and I love that they are old! You can find vintage old books at thrift stores, eBay, Goodwill, estate sales, garage sales and even Facebook Marketplace these days!

Wooden Bead Garland with Tassels

Wood Bead Garland with tassels on shelf

I love adding these little gems all around! I first came to learn about wooden bead garland one time while shopping at Kirklands right before we listed our last house for sale. I went in to get a little “staging” inspiration. The associate who helped me put together a wooden tray with some little goodies, low and behold, there were was a strand of wooden beads! Being the DIYer that I am, there was no way I was going to pay for them so I came home and made them myself! Here’s my full tutorial to make your own wooden bead garland with tassels!


I shared all about the shelving and my crazy urge to save every piece of wood from the burn pile here. Although I made the wooden shelf, I used these brackets that I purchased.

Toilet Paper Holder – Wall Mounted

Antique Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Eeeek!!! This one makes me so happy – and my hubby so annoyed! ? ? He’s not really into the old vintage-y things like this like me, but he loves me so he puts up with it. This holder isn’t actually an antique, it’s a replica, so you can buy one yourself!

Wooden Box

Next to the toilet, I have extra rolls of toilet paper stashed away in an antique wooden box that I purchased at an antique store. When I came across it I just knew I had to have it! After-all, it was from a place in Chicago which is where my hubby and I were born!

toilet paper stored in a wooden box

Medicine Cabinet Mirror

Antique Oak Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

I love this just like so many of you! I’ve gotten lots of questions about this piece! I actually found it on Craigslist under the listing of “mirror”. I bought it right before the lightning strike/house fire and I made sure it was salvaged so I could use it again! Before hanging it back up the 2nd time, I took it to a local glass shop in town and had them swap out the mirror for me for a new one, the old one was getting pretty rough.

Towel Holder

Another handmade goodie! I cut a piece of fence post, leaving the detailed top, stained it to match the mirror and added one of these black farmhouse hooks.


I repurposed an old light fixture from a different bathroom and swapped out the globes to give it a quick update! I don’t love it, but it was a quick fix to a problem that needed immediately solving!

Garbage Can & Other Necessities

bathroom garbage can

The space between the wall and toilet is pretty narrow so I went on the search for a garbage can with a lid that would fit there. Surprisingly this wasn’t the easiest of tasks! I finally found this one on Amazon and it fits perfectly! I like a slim toilet bowl brush because it is easily hidden.

And there you have it friends! My little half bathroom is all dolled up and fitting in just nicely into our 1886 Victorian home!

I’ll see you on the flip side when I share about the fixtures! In the meantime, enjoy some of these amazing projects to make your home feel more homey!

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Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

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