Napkin Turned Pillow Cover

A long time ago I bought a few cloth napkins that were on clearance at World Market and planned on turning them into pillow covers for 2 Pottery Barn insert pillows I had bought an even longer time ago. I finally got around to doing it and absolutely love how they turned out…and especially for the cost…I’ll share the cost at the end of the post, but for fun, take a guess how much I paid for both pillows.

I turned the square napkin to resemble the shape of a diamond. Place the pillow inside, folded up the corners and pinned the bottom of the cover. I machine stitched overtop the existing seamed stitch on the right and left sides leaving the top corner flap open

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I sewed a button-hole and then hand stitched these wooden buttons on that I bought at Hobby Lobby

The pillows slide right down into the covers! Love that I can change the covers depending on the season but still use the pillows!

Now…for the price breakdown:

Napkins = $1.59 each from World Market

Pottery Barn Pillow Inserts = $1.00 brand new in package from a garage sale

Buttons = @1.99 from Hobby Lobby

Total cost per pillow = $3.58 + tax roughly . Pretty awesome, huh?

I love how they turned out!! I think the blue compliments the wall great and the flower shapes compliment the rug!


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  1. Love that fabric~Great job!!

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