Bathroom Humor Signs

DIY humorous wooden bathroom signs.

In light of the whole coronavirus outbreak, I decided to make a bunch of humorous wooden signs for our bathroom.

DIY humorous wooden bathroom signs. #woodensigns #bathroomdecor #gatheredinthekitchen #bathroomhumor

I have loved making wooden signs for years now, and in fact, that’s one of the hardest things about not being in our house right now because of the fire. I’m totally lost without all of my crafting and building supplies! Ya’ll that is like literally all I do ALLLLLLL day long! Craft up storm!

I intended for these signs to go to our house in the one bathroom that has water running to it right now, for the workers…because truth be told, that soap bottle hasn’t budged in over a month since I put it there! eek! However, there literally is no place to put the signs there because most of the walls have been torn out in that bathroom. So…they’ll collect dust at our rinky dink apartment until we move back h-o-m-e!!!

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Wash Your Hands You Filthy Animal!

humorous wooden bathroom signs.

Wash Your Hands, Seriously, Don’t Be Gross

Fresh Soap & Water 5¢ Hand Towels Free

Fresh Soap & Water 5¢ Hand Towels Free wooden bathroom sign

Get Naked, Just Kidding, This Is A Half Bath, Don’t Make It Weird

Get Naked, Just Kidding, This Is A Half Bath, Don't Make It Weird wooden bathroom sign

HA! Aren’t they so fun?!?! I love them! Normally I would have framed them out with stained wood, but 1. I am not going to the store for anything not absolutely necessary 2. The lack of tools at the apartment

I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the designs! All of the designs were purchased from the Silhouette Store. New to sign making? I’ve got you covered with my How To Make A Wood Sign – Farmhouse Style| From Start to Finish tutorial!

Trying to spread some laughter during this crazy and scary time! Please please please stay safe all of you! Do your part and isolate! It’s just a short period of time in the grand scheme of things!

Love & health to you all!!

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  1. The bathroom signs…did you use vinyl for the wording or did you use vinyl as a template?

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