14 Beginner Building Projects – Simple & Easy

14 Beginner Building Projects that are simple & easy for the beginner craftsman. There are projects for inside and outside of your home.

I have a deep love of creating crafts and updating various spaces in my home using wood and simple power tools. I often have people telling me that they could never recreate my projects because they have never used any tools before – but I am here to bust that myth for you with these 14 Beginner Building Projects that are simple & easy! 14 Beginner Building Projects - Simple & Easy

I have never had any kind of training in woodworking or the sort but by being a sidekick to my husband hile we renovated our first home and then again on our second home and now on our third, I feel I have a whole lot less fear and a whole lot more desire to create! After all, you have to begin somewhere. It’s all about messing up and learning form your mistakes…and believe me, I have messed up royally on several projects…and then I quit and add it to my scrap wood pile! …and that’s OK!! Bob Vila didn’t become the expert woodworker he is today by never making a mistake! 

So get courageous, grab a few basic tools (screw driver, hammer, level) and get creating!! You are going to be so glad that you did! TIP: Home Depot and Lowes will cut your wood for you!!! So you don’t even need a saw!! 

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14 Beginner Building Projects – Simple & Easy

  1. Laundry Room Makeover
    Laundry Room Makeover
  2. 2. DIY Shelf & Hook Board
    DIY Shelf & Hook Board for the beginner building. Simple and easy!
  3. DIY Towel Hook Shelf & Beadboard Wall TutorialDIY Towel Hook Shelf & Beadboard Wall Tutorial
  4. $12 DIY Planter Boxes$12 DIY Planter Box - spruce up your curb appeal with easy outdoor gardening planter boxes
  5. Metal Hanging Art RevampIron Wall Decor Makeover
  6. DIY Barn Doordiy-barn-door
  7. DIY Linen Closet Organizer

DIY Linen/Medicine Closet Door Organizer BUILDING PLANS

8. DIY Raised Garden Bed

DIY Raised Garden Bed

9. Hallway Wall Transformation

DIY Hallway Wall Transformation

10. Coat Closet Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves - Coat Closet Shelves

11. DIY Pipe Leg Table

pipe table

12. Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

toothbrush holder15

13. DIY Entry Door Coat Hook

DIY Entry Door Coat Hook

14. DIY Pantry Door Organizer

DIY Pantry Door Organizer



  1. Excited to see the final result of your project! Please do more updates regarding this.

  2. Anna Marie Spackman says:

    Just found your blog and I love your ideas and that you make weilding power tools and doing something by yourself to improve your home feel doable. I’m going to try adding shelves to my son’s closet now. Thank you for your inspiration!

  3. How tall/ wide is thisdoor. Can it be hung as a partition?
    It’s beautiful!

  4. lucy akinmuyisan says:

    Love your ideas on the BARN DOOR.

    Because that is my next project and your Cheap expense wise was the best I have seen so far.

    I want to remove the present regular doors and just reuse them where there is a need cause my house is old and there are doors like bathroom and bedroom doors that need to be replaced to a barn door creatively without buying another wood door. Therefore enlarging the more space. That is where I am.

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to see what you create!

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