Christmas Tea & Cookie Decorating Party

Little FInch and I hosted our first annual Christmas Tea & Cookie Decorating Party (and ornament exchange!) I just love doing girlie things and promoting good girly friendships to my daughter. I think it’s important for her to see me have good quality friendships because it will help her with friendships in the future. I’m so grateful for wonderful old and new friends!

The day started out pretty rough because I had realllly bad morning sickness for a few hours, plus Harley ate the mini wafers I needed so Lover Boy ended up having to run to the grocery store twice this morning. So I had to book it to finish up the last details. But overall it was a success and we had a blast!

I used my Silhouette to create the invitation:

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I served an assortment of tea, hot chocolate for the girls, my mom’s mini cheesecakes and Black Raspberry Brie Pastries (also made these for Thanksgiving and WOW!!! Amazingly good!).

I made these adorable aprons for each of the girls! 🙂

Aren’t they just so stinkin’ cute? I’ve added them to my Etsy shop!

Because Christmas is such a special time of year to me, I try to incorporate family traditions, recipes, decorations in as much as possible (especially because we don’t live anywhere near our family). With that said, I made my mom’s classic sugar cookie recipe and my grandma’s gingerbread cookie recipe.

Sweet sisters!

Little Finch and her very first friend in this world! Miss A. and her mom actually threw me a baby shower back in GA for my first little pumpkin, Little Finch. Hard to believe that four years later I’m on my 3rd pregnancy! Funny thing, Miss A. told me today that she remember standing on our back deck at our GA house when I was pregnant saying that we wanted lots of kids! 🙂

I made these chargers (again with my Silhouette) for each of the moms with a dual purpose in mind…the girls used them to decorate their cookies on so then they could carry they’re cookies home! Smart thinking, huh?

Little Finch went a little overboard with the purple icing. She just had so much fun!

Playing the kid’s ornament exchange.

So glad that we were able to have such a special time with our friends!

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