OSU Football Door Wreath

If you’re from Ohio then you are a diehard Buckeyes fan! I lived in Ohio for 4 years when I went to the University of Toledo, which was really close to the Michigan border…and yielded a HUGE rivalry between The Ohio State University (OSU, Buckeyes) and University of Michigan (Wolverines). No joke, in the fall when I would get gas the attendants would always ask me which team I was rooting for because they had these big contests!! Crazy rivalry I’m telling you!

My daughter’s Assistant Principal went to OSU and is a huge fan. His office is totally decked out in OSU gear. For his birthday I made one of my handmade wooden signs for his office door!

OSU football door wreath - 2

I’m totally in love with making these wooden signs – I am totally a lover of handmade gifts, I think they are the most special and meaningful. Plus giving personalized gifts is something I’ve been obsessed with since I was a little kid. I was never a fan of crappy filler gifts just to say I gave a gift!

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I made this football at night when the kids were sleeping so there’s going to be some imagination required for some of these photos! 🙂

Pretend this is not a pencil, it’s a football!!


How to Make a Wooden Football Door Wreath

  1. Using a jigsaw cut out your shape out of 1/4″ plywood.

OSU football door wreath - 3
I took my Black & Decker Jig Saw and cut it out. (If you are looking for a saw that is easy to use I 200% recommend a jigsaw! Seriously it’s beyond easy to use, isn’t scary at all and can cut through most anything you would ever need to cut!)

2) Sand the edges using 3m fine grit sandpaper

3) Paint the entire football brown

4) Using a smaller brush start painting the detail work

5) Drill 2 holes and attach wire hanger

making a wooden pencil sign - adding the hanging wire

I used my 5 year old’s drill, ha! to make my holes!

6) Make a decorative bow to top it off


And ta da!!!

OSU football door wreath - 2OSU football door wreath

Isn’t it cute?!? I hope he likes his birthday gift!


  1. Carol DeNooyer says:

    Looks great, Stephanie! Now, I need to use your steps to make one that says, “GO BLUE!” And… did I see that you are going to the Chairman’s Retreat? I’ll see you there!

    1. Yes! You should make one!! I’d love to see a picture when you do!
      Yes I’ll be there!! Congrats to you!

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