DIY Crate Centerpiece Box

This DIY crate centerpiece box is super easy and takes just a few minutes to complete! Any beginner builder can tackle this project and feel proud of their design! The hardest part is figuring out what to decorate it with!

How to build a DIY Wooden Crate Under $5 and 30 Minutes - Beginner Build! Gathered In The Kitchen

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Lets build it together!

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I actually built my crate centerpiece box entirely out of scrap wood! My husband had bought several Cedar Fence boards at one point to make a table and had a ton of extra pieces left over so I did what any good wife would do – I snatched it up and turned it into something practical and useful!!

Supplies Needed:

Brad nailer (this one is battery operated so you wouldn’t need the air compressor)

Air compressor

1/2″ Brad nails

Saw (or have your hardware store cut)

Cut List:

4 – 1×2 furring strips cut at 30″ long (this determines your length)

4 – 1×2 furring strips cut at 8″ long (this determines your width)

4 – 1X2 furring strips cut at 31″ long OR 1 – 1×8 pine board cut at 31″ long

4 1×1 pine boards cut at 6″ long (this determines your height)

It looks like I was spinning in circles when I took this picture! These were my pieces of wood after they were cut

However, before I get started with the steps I made this graphic to help you understand my lingo below!

Place your support pieces vertically and lay your crate boards horizontally, making sure to line up your edges evenly. Using a brad nailer, air compressor and brad nails (be sure to use a length that will suit your wood size) nail the boards in place. **leave gaps in-between the boards to make it look like a crate!

Repeat on the other end. Make two (2) of these as they will end up being the short (end) sides of your crate box.

Once both end sides are complete, lay your long crate boards (cut to the length you want for your crate box) and nail in place to the end pieces.

Once that is complete, your crate box will look like this. Then it is time to add your bottom piece.

I made my width larger than the width of the boards so my bottom piece had gaps – this would be practical if you were to put live plants in this and needed a drainage system. Otherwise, I would not necessarily suggest this. Instead, make sure your bottom board is the width of your end side pieces.

Ta da! It’s complete!

Next up is decorating it!! Since I made these during the fall, I filled them with fall decor and used them as a centerpiece on my dining room table.

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  2. I love this box! We have been going through a lot of home renovations that just wrapped up with a beautiful hardwood floor resurfacing from an awesome company. Even though it’s been great working with the pros, it felt so good to do something on my own. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s awesome! Happy building…and hopefully end of renovations!! ;-p I know how those go!! …ugh!

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