Dixie Belle Silk Mineral Paint: Serenity & Morning Sunshine

It’s no secret to my long-time readers, that I love to buy pieces of old furniture, regardless of their condition. Truth be told, I’ve actually paid money for some pretty awful furniture! Sometimes, I get home and I think to myself, what is wrong with me?? Why did I buy this?!?!

But, then I repeat my bad habit yet again by shopping thrift stores and bringing more junk home. It’s a true trait of a DIYer. I just can’t help myself. I love to save things. I love to make old things new. I love to give things another chance at life!

How to paint an antique nightstand with silk paint

That’s where this cute little nightstand comes into play. Someone discarded it to my local Habitat Restore and I, being the good civilian that I am, bought it for $15 and brought it home! Giving it a 2nd chance on life! 

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Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint

My favorite brand of chalk paint recently launched a new line of paint, Silk paint. I was eager to give it a try because, like chalk paint, it does not require to be sealed. However, Silk paint has a much more silky to the touch finish than chalky, like chalk paint.

With my little nightstand waiting in line to be refinished, I knew this was the perfect piece to try out the Silk paint!

Dixie Belle Silk Paint: Serenity & Morning Sunshine | Gathered In The Kitchen

Dixie Belle Silk Paint Serenity Morning Sunshine & Morning Sunshine

Choosing which colors to use is always the hardest part of painting furniture. There are just so many beautiful colors to choose from.

For this nightstand, I decided to give Serenity and Morning Sunshine a try. Both are pastel-like colors that would go perfect in a little kid’s room…or…create a fun little side table to display Easter decor on!

Dixie Belle Silk Paint: Serenity & Morning Sunshine painted on a dresser

How To Prep Furniture Before Painting with Silk Mineral Paint

  1. Before painting furniture, it’s important to give it a good scrub beforehand. There’s no need to seal in all that dirt and grime under your beautiful paint. When using Silk paint, it’s best to clean your piece of furniture with Pristine Clean. This is a similar product to White Lightning, which is used when using chalk paint.
  2. Fill any holes, dings, dents, etc with wood filler and allow to dry.
  3. Lightly sand the areas where wood filler was applied to ensure a smooth painted finish with fine grit sand paper.
  4. Wipe furniture with a damp rag to ensure all cleaner residue and sanding dust has been removed.
  5. Remove hardware.
  6. Tape off drawer faces, feet, etc with painters tape.
Dixie Belle Pristine Clean Furniture Cleaner

How To Paint Furniture with Silk Paint

Painting with Silk paint is very similar to painting with any latex based paint. It’s easy to apply and goes on smoothly. On the other hand, Silk paint is similar to chalk paint in the fact that it does not leave brush strokes, however, it is not necessary to mist with water to help spread the paint. So, it’s a win-win for all! It’s easy to apply and creates a beautiful finish!

When applying Silk paint, my favorite type of brush is a mini angled brush. Not only is the smaller brush easier to hold, the angle provides a pointed tip that allows you to get the paint into the detailed crevices on the furniture.

Dixie Belle 2" Mini Angled Paint Brush

Nightstand Makeover

I painted the drawer boxes on the dresser in Dixie Belle Serenity and painted the nightstand in Dixie Belle Morning Sunrise. I was really impressed with the Silk paint. Not only did the paint go on smoothly and easily, only one coat of paint was needed! It dried really fast {within minutes} – which is always a bonus to me!

I used a sanding sponge to distress the nightstand a bit to help give it more depth. It turned out so cute!

Dixie Belle Silk Paint: Serenity & Morning Sunshine
Dixie Belle Silk Paint: Serenity & Morning Sunshine
Dixie Belle Silk Paint: Serenity & Morning Sunshine

Video Tutorial

I share on my Instagram page a short video of my painting tutorial.

Styled for Easter

As I mentioned before, these paint colors are great for Easter. So I had a little fun and styled this cute, little nightstand with some of my Easter decor.

Easter Decor
Easter Decor

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